What's the point in having the GSP/Condit fight?

Why not have the Silva vs. St. Pierre fight headline the Super Bowl weekend card at the catch weight they are talking about while Condit stays Interim champ and fights Diaz when he comes back, or Hendricks while GSP is tied up with Silva. Then, Have GSP come back to the division after he is done with the Silva superfight. Phone Post

That way GSP will have more time to prepare his return, Condit will keep the WW division rolling until GSP comes back. Phone Post

While I'd be totally cool with this as a "big" fan of MMA, it might be tough to sell those other fights and garner legitimate interest from less hardcore fans. The whole "interim belt" is really meaningless as long as the real champ is actively fighting, IMO. Phone Post

You don't think GSP will have some ring rust after being on the shelf for nearly 2 years?

GSP cant fight anderson when he'll have bad case of ring rust.

GSP should fight codit, diaz, Hendricks etc.

Anderson should fight JBJ - champs go up not down. calling out gsp is a cowardly move.

Have Condit vs. Hendricks in Nov. for Interim title.

GSP vs. Silva in February for the superfight.

I do agree with the ring rust. I also believe Condit is very capable of "catching" GSP. If GSP loses to Condit "Silva Vs. St. Pierre" will never happen. Phone Post

My theory is AS is in the last fight of his contract and wants to cement his legacy as best UFC fighter.

He asked for the GSP fight as it's the easier path to immortal greatness. AS will retire from UFC in ring after the fight.

The biggest fight in UFC history and possibly future should be on a card that better be stacked from Facebook fight to main event.