Whats the prob with Mike goldberg?

I think he and rogan do a great job together. being the play by play guy is
much harder than just doing color. I think rogan and Bas are great at
color but probaly the two together would be lost as far as production.

I think he does a good job , what does he do that pisses everybody off so

Nothing, he does good play by play. Kind of cheesy but I think that's part of the job. Plus he's been around a long time and is big supporter of the sport. It's funny to hear him talk like himself on the radio. He sounds like a normal human there.

I mean he's not jim lamply , but who is. I think him and rogan are great
together , and I thought no one woulld ever be able to replace bruce beck
, he was incredible.

Yeah Beck was good. I see him on TV every once in a while.

what ever happened to Goldie I must have missed it???

RIP Goldie


Yeah, I saw that on the news.... shame

ttt for goldie. You'll live on in our hearts. RIP.

What's with all this RIP Goldie stuff?

RIP = Rest in Peace.

Uh...yeah I got that part. But is he friggin' dead??

Its easy to talk like that about someone when they are no longer here to defend themselves.

Mike Goldberg is the BEST!!!

Him and Rogan feed off eachother VERY well!

I almost lost t=it when they said Mike was leaving for good to the WWE....Glad to see him back in the last few! and on live TV!

TTT for GOLDY!!!!


last pay per view...
leben swears after his loss..
goldberg-"classy in defeat as well as in victory"
really? not too classy in my book.
leben is about as classy as a booger on a doorknob

goldie will always be in our hearts, no matter how much he pisses us off. RIP