whats the rarest ufc item to have?

what is that one item that is rare that everyone would like to have in their collection? i myself collect ufc/mma posters and recently passes. what do you have thats cool? whats out there as far as ufc memorabilia?whats it worth? all you collectors out there,what do you got? show and tell

Could you just imagine bidding on that tooth

(on Ebay)


I have the gloves that Fulton fought Petey in

UFC 24 signed poster by numerous fighters. They have had a few on ebay recently also. Also numerous programs from early UFC events.

UFC posters from 1-10

nonon, a piece of Oleg taktarovs, forhead skin, gets cut so much im sure a chunk or twos out there.

i got some cool stuff....im an avid collector..

i got Din Thomas' shoerts from UFC 43...Its a part of mma history! Din was the first fighter to win a fight in an Las Vegas sanctioned mma match!

I got a progam from the Pride Gp finals with Pride Cookies..

Bushdo Stub and gp sub..

Earliest UFC stub is from 18...

Got all kinds of passes...alot actually..

Program from UFC 40 signed by alot of fighters...

IFC Global Domination poster signed by every fighter and pass..

Dan Henderson "team lindland" signed pass from UFC 39..

Enson Inoue, Arlovski, Shannon the Cannon, autographed pics...

Program from x-1 in Japan..

Program from ROTR 4, Benn vs Gomi with Stub, and Tape!

Paul Buentello signed shirt after his victory over Hoffman....

Im always looking to add stuff and will trade!


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- Carlos Newton's GIANT jock-cup (by far the biggest in MMA history)

- Tra's peck (ooooohhhhhh)

- Tank's self-controll (although that was probably NEVER avaliable)

- The fucking repulsive shit that Ken Shamrock used to wear (leather vests with nothing else, that stupid smoking jacket, those "suits" that looked tailor made for pimps, etc.)

- that spare tire that Big John's been carrying in his shirt for the last couple years.

Seriously though, I'd love a couple pairs of actuall "worn-in-the-octagon" four-ounce gloves.

Garcia: Holy shit! That's quite a collection!

Glen...Im actually missing stuff too from that list..

I got a lot...


This is me being really fucking jelous. Good for you man. I always respect people who dedicate themselves to their hobbies.

Something Arias failed to mention that is pretty rare that he has is a UFC application from the early days.

I got an autographed Tito Poster

I have an 11 x 17 painting by Bradu of Tito and Tito signed it for me.

I also have a KOTC Glove signed by Rampage, Tito, Liddell, Tiki, Ricco, Iha, Denny, Brennan, Stevenson,

Any Bidders?


Steve D mentioned something that reminded me of something I have from way back.I have the actual advertisement from Black Belt magazine that advertised that they were looking for fighters

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I'm shocked that no one has said UFC's 23-29 on
tape, or 1-38 on DVD yet. Someone always wants
to whine about that, so I'll be the first on this thread.

anybody want to sell any of their stuff? any collectors can contact me direct. im interested in all kinds of stuff. will trade sell and buy.

I guess I do have UFC23-29 on tape but I never thought of them as rare