whats the rarest ufc item to have?

I have some old programs from UFCs 1-10 (some autographed) and some ticket stubs. I also have the MARS program/poster and I think it's autographed by someone... If anyone is interested in buying these items let me know and I'll pull them out to see exactly what I do have...


How about the first glove worn in the octagon..Art Jimmerson's..would make for a nice piece of MMA history

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Cam, email me a stinkyufc@yahoo.com with a price on the Mars program.

Kens Purple Cape

please dont ask how but i have a chuck lidell blue entrance shirt, The exact replica trophy that ken and Royce recieved when they were enducted into the ufc, And one of the first tapout shirts ever produced if not the first one.it looks way different then the modern ones.Its all for sale.email me at tapout8888@aol.com. Email me with bids and please be realistic.

I have the original UFC 5 poster, the superfight between Royce and Ken, signed by both Royce and Ken. Also the recent UFC 45 guide with everyone's signature, but Dan because he was not there.


I dont know how rare it is but I have a "Secrets of the octagon" tape . I think its the "escapes " one.

I guess the rarest thing I have is my UFC33 poster with Tito vs.Vitor on it.The best fight that never happened.

SteveD is correct! He hooked me with a UFC fighter application and a UFA patch..

Im always interested in buying or recieiving stuff ....

I would like some old stubs and programs, everything else is kinda of hard to authenticate..




email what you have and maybe we can trade something

Evan Tanners signed jaw by Baroni I caught in the sixth row, oh wait that never happened. hahaha Merry X-mas

speaking of that...doesnt someone have the shirt tha the law made and baroni spit on?

wasnt it on ebay?

I have the one shot magazine that was released right after UFC 2. It's a full magazine that focuses on the first two UFC's. It has interviews post fight with al the fighter including the first round of UFC 2 (which I also have on tape). It has a bunch of pics that I hav't seen elsewhere from those fights. It also has a preview of the fighters scheduled for UFC3 (only half of which actually made it.. Kimo was listed however)... And an application to be in UFC 4.
I love it.
Oh, and I also have the camcorder footage taken in Royce's locker room after UFc 2's final fight. Talking with rickson and an interviewer...celebrating and such.. etc.

i have a unused ticket for ufc 15,also have fighters passes,and a signed ufc poster from ufc 15 and ufc 17...

Fitinmad...are you selling them or keeping them?


can i see that stuff? what does does ufc 15 and 17 poster look like? email me.

arias garcia jr.,
email me and then ill get you out that list. what passes do you have? posters?

will pay good money for passes and posters!
email me- jeremy(yumaslim)

right after the holidays i will take pictures of them and post them,if you e-mail me at fitinmad@aol.com i will send them to you....Dirty Harry

emailed u

nothing yet arias garcia jr