Whats the real main event?

At the next UFC Penn GSP or Crow Franklin? I think i am more psyched about GSP Penn

They are both great matches. But the championship has to be top billing.

i think alot of people are . I also agree that the penn vs gsp fight is
amazing. But Im looking forward to the crow fight also...............just not
as much as the gsp fight.

The real main event is Franklin/Crow I believe because it's for the title. I'm more psyched for GSP/Penn also.

I'm a LOT more excited about GSP/Penn, myself. I look forward to
Franklin/Loiseau, but it's no contest really.


I know alot of people think that franklin will beat the crow, but I thought the same thing about tanner. I am a hughe franklin fan but I think he may have is work cut out for him