What's the secret to a good kibisu gaeshi?


I've seen videos like these were uke is just a little too cooperative. This pickup was used a lot in the Olympics especially by East European nations. It looks very easy, but there seems to be a A,B,C in between that I'm missing.
Can anyone can breakdown the move for me? I've been trying this move a lot but no dice at all.


I use a kibisu a lot. Glenn has it down very well. For me, the quick grab when they have little weight on the foot, followed by a quick twisting drive to the same side as the foot I just grabbed has led to the best chance of success with it. My only problem tends to be when my hand on the upper body slips some, and then uke twists and lands on their chest/face for no score. A moral victory on my part, but not a point victory.

The key to a good kibisu is to make sure you do NOT lift the leg, but to PULL the leg towards you.... know what I mean?

grab the leg.... run like hell until he falls.

What josh said. Applies to most, if not all pickups.

Bread and butter move for me. The way you do it is to get him bent over and sort of lock his hip in place with his leg extended. then grab the foot and run like hell