What's the skinny on Alex Shevtsov

"Aussie" guy fighting in SHOOTO Sept 17th, Japan? Trains out of


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decent little fighter won on XFC debut, then lost to GILLY in WA. He's under Haby.


Which XFC?

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Won Shooto C-Class under 65kg comp in melbourne Feb 11th.

Has solid wrestling and his striking seemed ok. Hard to tell how he will go just judging from those C Class bouts. This is a big leap in skill though.

Trains with us under Habby Heske at Fight Club/Mach 1 Fitness.

Great guy with lots of heart gone 6-1 in mma u/65kg, comes outta mother Russia with history in gymnastics lookin like a mini Ivan Drago.

Very strong wrestler for smaller guy and Blue belt thru extreme bjj.

Should do well in Shooto later in year


8 from memmory mate. Also onto that other japaense matter for you.


5 foot 4 (think he has it on his licence plate ;) and as above, very sharp grappler and great strength/cardio for his size.

I think he will step up to Shooto no problem, big potential!!!


He should do good in shooto, nice kid!


I saw him at abu dhabi last year, very skilled guy.