What's this about? Schaub + Ethan Klein

There’s not IP address’s work. It doesn’t matter where you live it’s the computer in your residence?

He probably just has a contract with a media monitoring company

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Ant and Jimmy supported the O&A sub when it shit on Opie exclusively. When he bombed at that roast he went after the sub and they made his life miserable for awhile with relentless mocking of his attempts to seem alpha by referring to him as nana in every post and uncovering him being a creep who got catfished by a fan pretending to be a 14 year old girl.

They found out he paid for a trans girls tits in some transactional relationship

They got his book signing that about 10 people turned up for picketed by a hand full of antifa types

They got his dumb edge from U2 cosplaying brother to go on judge Judy where he made a fool of himself trying to sue a guy who cancelled his shows after the sub sent over his racist Twitter posts

I dont know. I thought it had something to do with where the comp is connected to the internet. So if i went to a different place id be using a different ip address. But im a moron and dont knw these things. I was just refering to something in the podcast.

Me either

I think the address on a computer is the MAC address. I think you go somewhere else to use the internet with that computer the IP address changes to where you’re currently at

It’s like the whole internet has teamed up to take down Schwab.

It’s fascinating to me.

i’m riveted as well.

car crash GIF


It’s not that complicated…

Bobby = Cuck
Khalyla = Bitch
Brendan = Idiot
Callen = Cunt



I think we found Schaub’s screename


Say what you will. People with CTE arent going to be very good at standup 5 or so years in. Schaub and his friends fucked him by not making him go through open mics. That is essential developing period for a comic and it humbles them, in which schaub greatly needs humbling. However, with that being said, gringo papi was an improvement over his first special, but like i said, it is far too early in his career to be putting out specials with where hes at. He needs to be spending much more time on his material and his writing, and not so much time and effort on marketing. If hes not willing to invest that time writing, he should hire a writer like a lot of big name comics do (chris rock for instance).

Gringo Papi was an improvement like having hemorrhoids is an improvement to being constipated.


90 percent of people could devote hours and hours to trying to write material and never write anything passable

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He admitted that people told him not to release either special but he told those nerds to beat it. Again, he’s not serious about comedy - he’s turned down and ran from any opportunity to do his act in front of anyone but the people who watch his podcast because he knows he’ll bomb. He was somehow on the bill for moontower and kept having the venue moved because he wasn’t moving tickets and then he just pulled out altogether

And, I’m sorry. LOL at “people with CTE aren’t going to good at comedy after 5 years”

“Hey guys, people with Dementia need a good 10 years before they really fine-tune their act. Just give them time, it’ll come around.”

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This financial advisor lol. I included cte because its def a factor.

Yep, that’s my job.


Is Brendan roiding now or is this some sort of filter?

He’s not normally muscular

Its so funny that these guys think they sre all friends.

When Lee was talking about Callen being his friend he said hes been friend with him for 30y but then sites what they did together. Went to his house for a SB party, worked together on show. That is not a friend. That is a co-worker.

You invite a friend to family gatherings. You call them when you or them are sick. You visit eachother at the hospital. You pick eachother up. If in 30years you says “i went to his house for a SB party” then you simply are not friends.

They dont understand what friendship is. They think networking = friendship.


You know nothing about financial advising clearly. Those guys who do well are usually alpha as hell, make a ton of money, and the ones I know all have really hot wives.