What's this guy's SN? Another ufc tattoo

 photo Screenshot_2014-10-03-13-53-09-1_zpsvfgybg34.png

His skin is white, so I'm going with Mr_Honky



he's got the Chuck win rage roar to go with it!


I bet another SN he doesn't even trane, but has black belts in bjj, judo, and MT champ in PRIDE

Jesus fuck, that piece of shit is on his forearm! Phone Post 3.0

Perfer Et Obdura - His skin is white, so I'm going with Mr_Honky
You got me. Phone Post 3.0

Are tattoo artists pretty desensitized to shit like this? I don't have any work done so I was just curious if any even give the 'are you sure about this, it's a lifetime commitment' type talk. I'm sure the artists know right away that the poor bastard they're about to work on will be regretting their choice relatively soon.

LOL Phone Post 3.0

They say you always remember your first...

Mr_Honky -

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Orcus Phone Post 3.0


Anniversary is tommorow! Phone Post 3.0


Thacommish - Is that chuck liddel or nick newells shadow?
Haha. Nice eye Phone Post 3.0

Daddy issues, Phone Post 3.0

Spicy taco put all that money to good use and got himself a sweet tattoo. Phone Post 3.0

Huge cock on that Chuck silhouette. Phone Post 3.0

Mr_Honky - 

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I can only tell you who it isn't.

Homeboy in the photo clearly doesn't welch on bets.

Thacommish - Is that chuck liddel or nick newells shadow?

Legit chuckle. VU

Its bad enough to get a UFC tattoo but one to represent a single event? Especially a mediocre fight night card. Wtf Phone Post 3.0

Could it be a temporary tattoo thing? The "UFC" letters look "plasticky".