What's this say about Lindland?

Last night in Hawaii, Niko Vitale won a fight over Dave Menne. I haven't seen the fight, but it sounds like Niko beat him up pretty good, mostly with strikes standing.

Menne has been knocked out a couple times before, but his standup is pretty decent, he knows how to throw down. Menne is a very good all around fighter who's been in a slump, and I was picking Menne to beat Vitale.

To be fair, my only real chance to see Vitale was the Lindland fight (well, both of them, but the first one didn't prove much.) After watching Lindland thoroughly dominate Vitale both standing and on the ground, I thought Vitale must have been overhyped and overrated. However, after hearing that Vitale dominated Menne last night, I have to wonder...

Maybe it's just that Lindland is just THAT good? He showed much improved standup in the Vitale fight...previously I have always said that Lindland is the very best 1 dimensional fighter in our sport. Now, I no longer think he's one dimensional. He may look awkward, but his standup is much improved and his aggression is top notch. We already knew he had the takedowns and great control from the top, but his gnp and standup both seem to be improving by leaps and bounds.

Anyway, I'm just pointing out that Vitale's performance last night may suggest that Lindland is even better than we thought.

I am in total agreement. He's taken out Baroni twice, Salaverry, Vitale, etc...I don't think a lot of people give him the respect he deserves, because he's not the most exciting fighter out there.

I actually find him pretty exciting. I like his work on the ground. Especially the underhooks from the ground in his last fight.

Linland is THE MAN at MW in UFC. Hope they set up a tournament soon for MW championship. There are some excellent guys at that weight class, especially if you potentially throw Newton, Hughes and maybe Verrisimo in at this weight.

"I actually find him pretty exciting."

I totally agree, I'm surprised so many people call him a boring fighter. Lindland is one of the most eager, aggressive fighters in the sport. Mark Kerr, boring? Sure. He just lays on guys. But when Lindland gets you down he works THE WHOLE TIME, n throwing punches or improving his position. In order to stand them up in Lindland-Baroni 2, Big John practically had to catch Lindland's arm in mid punch. Even standing, Lindland is always pressing forward, throwing punches and working to get clinch.

The only Lindland fight I can recall that was pretty boring was the Almeida fight...both Baroni fights were thrillers, the Busta and Vitale fights were good, against Miletich a lot of people didn't like the stoppage but that's no fault of Lindland who was really pressing the action...

I find Matt Lindlands fights exciting, awesome take downs and he's not afraid to stand with anyone, he shows a lot of heart.

Lindland is a stud. His resume speaks for itself:

Wins over:

Karo Davtyan
Mark Waters
Travis Fulton
Yoji Anjo
Ricardo Almeida
Phil Baroni
Pat Miletich
Ivan Salaverry
Phil Baroni
Falaniko Vitale

BJ and lindland never fought.

Brad, I agree with you completely. I too was wondering what all the hype was about Vitale, as Lindland just made him look bad, dominating him standing, wrestling and on the ground (that reversal from half guard was awesome).

Matt Lindland is just widely underrated, it would seem.

ttt for the uncrowned middleweight champion.

Don't forget he looks like woogie from There's Something About Mary. Sorry, Baroni's rude, but that shit cracked me up.