What's up with Brandon Vera?

What's the latest scoop on Brandon Vera?

Is his re-signing with the UFC official?

The rumors that he would fight Big Nog seem to have faded. Any rumors of who or when he will fight next?

he's fighting you... and he'll win.


The Insane One


If the UFC didnt sign any of the new Pride HWs, perhaps his gamble might have paid off but now, he wont be missed so much if he never comes back.

Maybe he wasnt offered a good enough deal and it would be nice if he was back for sure but he wasnt established enough yet imo to take the risk.

He said about a month ago on the sherdog forums that he would still be with the UFC. Then came the rumors that he would be fighting Big Nog in his next fight.

The Nog rumors have since faded, and I haven't heard an offficial announcement of his signing or of an upcoming fight.

What's the story?

Brandon, holla!