Whats up with dogecoin?

Thing is taking off like crazy, whats going on with it??

Oh I let my crypto geek friend talk me out of holding any of them when I cluelessly bought them months ago. Once I sold, it became the coolest thing.

You’re all welcome!

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People on here were saying this thing could hit a dollar. And now it’s at fucking .80

Unreal. Kicking myself for when I didn’t get in at .03 when this forum first told me about it!!!

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I bought about 1700 shares at .05 back in February ($100). I’m up over a grand right now lol.

No idea how it works or what’s driving it. I do know ‘they’ said it’d be lucky to hit $.10 by next year and will NEVER hit $1.00.

Just shows how nutty people are with crypto right now and treating it like gamblers at a casino. Doge is worthless and is basically a pyramid scheme at this point.

I’m not hating on anyone making money on it, good for you. Try not to be a bag holder when the dust settles.


There he is


You basically know as much as anyone at this point it seems. Or do you KNOW it won’t go over a dime? Or do you KNOW it’ll never go over 75 cents? Casino or not who cares?

I had money to throw away and it’s up over ten times the amount I put in. It could drop back to zero in ten minutes. Who cares? But you know, so…

If you wanted to receive payment for something in Dogecoin, how do you do that?

Are you playing dumb?

I sure don’t know what Doge is going to do. Nobody does. That’s why it’s called speculation. Never said I did know. And I never told anyone not to buy. Maybe it goes to $100 dollars, hope it does and good for anyone holding Doge.

Everything I said previously is still true.


I have most of my portfolio in PepCoin. Will check this out though.

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2000 doge here. ($100 investment) I already consider the money lost so it’s a win either way. To the fucking moon!

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Bought at 0.07 sold at 0.30. Made a couple grand. Could’ve made more. Win either way.

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There are some steps, it mainly depends on the app you’re using. But its much like selling a stock, with maybe 1 or 2 more steps

Same! When are you pulling out??

I sold mine a week ago and now they are double in value

If it goes to $100, or $1000, or whatever, is it still worthless? Still a pyramid scheme?

Yes. Even if it goes to a million


Can you explain? Is BTC the same?

That would be nice if it went to a million. I would not find it worthless.

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