Whats up with NOGS right eye???

It looks like he has a lazy eye lid on the countdown. Was it always like that? I remember rumors that he is going blind in one eye

I was just going to make a post about that but decided it was my imagination.

I heard that after one of the Fedor fights, Nog got a steel plate in that area. Not sure if it was right or left eye

Are you serious BodyBag or are you fuckin with me???

I cant tell lol

He's had a wonky eye for years. It's possible that Fedor gave it to him.

Im actually serious. I heard that a couple of times.

Only Superman could see past a steel plate. They'd have to use a lead plate on him.

Yea obviously i dont know all the details but I heard something along those lines.

I heard he's been punched in the face once or twice.

He lost it when he stared too long at the devil,... JUST BEFORE HE TRIANGLED BEELZBUB OUT!

Nice pic Kro

It looks like its been fucked for years

I was under the impression it was just a color difference. I thought his brother had 2 diff colored eyes as well? edit looks like his bro's are both brown.

kro, Rumor has it that he is going(or is) blind in one of his eyes. But today is the first time I ever seen a difference between his eyes. That laziness in the eye lid isnt normal

I noticed it more after the Bob Sapp fight>

"You guys wonder why Herrings kick landed so flush to that side?"

Thats what is scaring me. If Tim see's that, he might go ape shit to attack that side.

but its a wonder how he has been able to continue fight at a high level and still be GREAT on his feet with one eye.

I love NOG more and more everyday

["but its a wonder how he has been able to continue fight at a high level and still be GREAT on his feet with one eye."]

Joe Frasier claimed, years after he retired, that he had no vision in his right (I believe?) eye his entire career. Talk about great on your feet and half blind.

Pull your head out your asses.  If he had vision problems the NSAC wouldn't allow him to fight.

I had a friend in the army who was half blind and still he managed to win gold at the army boxing championships.

He did have eye surgery before the Herring fight, but he is fine now.