Whats Up with Pride's Announcing?

The last few Prides have had terrible announcing. Whats up with these new guys there bringing in? As much as I didn't like Stephen Quadros I would rather here him or better yet they should bring over Jeff Osborne. That dude was awesome and I remember when he did UFC. He was 100 times better than any of the latest Pride Announcers, plus he always knew fighter backgrounds and past fight experience from other shows which is always interesting. Bring over Jeff Osborne!

I don't think Quadros was that great alone, but team him up with Bas and you have a thing of beauty!

I had a few people over for the Pride and these guys are interested in taking our MMA class. Then every time you turn around one of Bass's partners are saying "He's setting up the triangle" and the fighter will be going for a kimura. Not to mention all the stupid random shit they have said.

"he's going for the kimura is giant" .... "got punched in the face did herring"......why does he phrase shit like that.

bas=great fighter

bas=not so great announcer

I like Bas a lot, get Quadros back in there and he becomes a thousand times better.

Everybody I had over watching the show couldn't get over how horrible the new announcer was

Frankie, I actually thought Perry was very witty. He didn't know much about the sport, but if he did a few more shows, I think he would learn. His interviews with Rampage, Liddell, and Ricco were funny as hell. But, I guess that's just my opinion.

If Pride wants to go in a more serious direction as far as announcing goes, I think they should bring in Jeff Osbourne.

Osbourne is the man. Somebody should bloody use him.

Thanks for the support guy.s

TTT For Jeff!
They cant go wrong with him as a fan as well as one of the most knowledgeable guys on mma around!

scott proffitt

The new guy is better than Osbourne.

I thought the new guy was awful. His mis-announcing moves and strategies was irritating. Fortunately the fights were awesome, so I was distracted...

I thought Perry was good, and I liked the vibe he had with Bas.

ttt for Osborne!

i think Erik Apple should be hosting it

Pride needs to get the G-Man!!!

Do not get rid of Bas.

I think SQ and Bas were a great team. Pride has always seemed a little lighter in spirit (to me, for some reason) than the UFC, a lot more fun, and the old announcing team was a part of the reason why.

""he's going for the kimura is giant" .... "got punched in the face did herring"......why does he phrase shit like that."

Ha...I didn't notice him doing that, but that's what drives me up the goddamn wall about Goldberg, he puts every sentence in that grating Yoda-speak. "A big heart has young Robbie Lawler", etc. 20 times per fight.

I thought the new Pride guy was okay, I had no complaints, not like Perry. I still prefer Quadros and Bas.

i know. pride has wack announcers. they need some new ones. bas is pretty good.

i thought perry did a great job at the second part of the gp, he made a few mistakes but he made up for it in the improvement he made between events. He even built up a decent level of banter with rampage and bas.

The new guy is horrible, it looks like bas hates him, the fighters dont seem to like him either. He ruined the randleman ko punch sequence. Argh