whats up with team quest??

they've been losing all they're star guys over the past few years, now herman and shultz have left to wtf?? I wish they'd all come back.

is there a source for this or is it common knowledge


yeah i am the source, ive been going there off in on for years, herman and shultz were my trainers, they are now gone, havent been getting along with lindland imo, but that part is speculation

 Interesting.. thanks

your not rick story are you? your name makes me think it is

Nope.. But I am from the same area.. well  kind of lol



coo, pierce and story some friends of mine. In fact those guys seem to be the future of the division imo, story looked fantstic saturday and pierce imo beat fitch when they fought. Btw if you ever get a chance, check out mma live (gym) 55th an woodstock, nice gym, lots of people switching to there.

yeah.. Rick looked great, I was happy for him

cool.. I'll check out gym sometime

Falling apart at the seams.