Whats up with these guys on Instagram

I'm brand new to Instagram. I searched powerlifting because I wanted to see some freaks lifting heavy weight BUT all there is is skinny guys deadlifting a million ten pound bumper plates. They're not kidding anyone. Phone Post 3.0

Obviously you aren't following the right people lol. Look for jeremyhamiltonswife, Brandon Lilly, Andrey Malanichev, ironoplot, russianlifters... Phone Post 3.0

In for big strong beefy man-pics Phone Post 3.0

Rookie mistake. You signed up for instagay, not Instagram Phone Post 3.0

Sounds like the "why does this website pull up gay ads" situation. Phone Post 3.0

Beeeeep Phone Post 3.0

Don't worry about me I'm following a bunch of whores Phone Post 3.0

I have Instagram to share cat pics with my family.

I can't think of any other non-gay use for it. Sorry.