What's up with TKO 18?

Hey, any rumors or anything on TKO 18 ?

I heard JHR is finally taking on Mark Colangelo in their long awaited chicken wing challenge....

I have 5 bucks that says a Tompkins fighter will be in it.

Any takers?

it's in sherbrooke possibly?

I hope to hell it's in Montreal...

Montreal would be great. No small town Quebec city please

Yeah, hopefully it's in Montreal. Victoriaville's a cool town but it's so far away!

Jacob Conliffe believes he will be fighting Yan Pellerin (spelling???)

Great fight !

i have a feeling TKO 18 will be great if patry is willing to pay certain fighters what they are worth.

I've heard rumors of Horn/Kang, Pulver/Fabiano, and Cote/Francois but they're all just rumours of course!

Nice rumour though!

Isn't the next one supposed to be 'Unification', or has that been delayed again?

unification was supposed to be the last one i think. i think it'll be a while before we see that though.

Montreal or Gatineau is even better.

Really, I think that Conliffe will be exciting for all TKO fans.

I will have to take The Canario's word for it about Rob Macdonald. The Canario does not lie.

I never said Maximus was fighting at TKO 18 specifically, but I'm sure he would be willing to....

peters/laflamme 4!