whats up with Trump steak

I'm pretty bad with thread titles so whatever.. i'll try and condense this shit

It's lookin more and more like Trump is going to be a sacrificial lamb. You got the Bushes, the Clintons and Obama, I'm sure he has some friends right? That shit happens when you're president for 8 years or if your daddy was a president. These motherfuckers have tea parties and shit is said, noted and carried out.

As you've seen and if you haven't seen (in a number of countries not named USA), there are lots of news articles showing what a clown Trump is. If you watch them closely they are pushing an agenda. It's almost like a wave of media is being briefed to demolish the Trump brand. The aussie article? You can bet Murdoch was behind that. The SEAL death? This is just the strart.

Basically Trump is gonna be used by the powers that be to divide and rip apart the Western world. You can't be a dumbo TV Celeb with a bit of real estate experience and suddenly start running the most powerful position in the world - specially not with a power structure that has been in place for centuries. 





trump steaks are well done

my thread / reply ratio must be something to behold

lol.. surely some of you left wing here right wing there pieces of shit that exist in the american public have something to say.. if you dont.. then woe is fucking you bitch.. eat the real

not sure about trump steak

maybe they are hiding otu with the women who accused trump of sexual assault - right up until election day, then they literally disappeared overnight.