Whats ur Next Upgrade?

im looking into a new video card i think (9800 all in wonder would be sweet), my GF 4TI 4200 might need to be retired to my 2nd PC soon

then i wannna look into teh AMD64 CPU, ram and board the to of course

but i would like to get a nice 200+ GB HDD

wanna put all the TV shows, movies and such on it and have one PC as a media center

Why don't you try to get a 36 GB 15,000 RPM SCSI Hard Drive for your prime, and a 120 gig secondary.

If you want speed :) You'll heard that fucker churn

buy a new desktop. Mine is a AMD 800 with a 60G HD.

fintheman, ya they may have alittle more speed but the RPM's and noise factor is a turn off for me

ABIT IC7max3 mobo, and two serial ATA drives in a raid ) configuration.

2 more EWS88d sound cards so I can pass 16 tracks in digital format from one machine to another in digital form.

ATI bastards

prices in American dollars and a canadian company

fuckers, i think a bycott of ATI in order


Just built a new Intel 2.6 but now I gotta get a new Vid card cause I'm choking it with an old ATI 7000. Will probably get a 9600Pro.

And a second stick of Ram so I can take advantage of the Dual DDR.

A new mobo/proc for one of my systems. It currently has an Epox 8KHAL+ and Athlon 2100+. The shitty Epox won't overclock at all. Not a bad system, per se, but it is used almost solely as a workhorse..encoding DivX videos, etc., and that stock 2100 isn't cutting it anymore.

I might get another NF7-S and probably an XP 2500. A couple weeks later, I'll put some in some Corsair XMS, then OC it. After that, a couple SATA drives in RAID 0.

MuaySteve make sure its the 9600 XT

Will probably just go pro unless the price on the XT's really come down. I'm going to wait untill May when the next line of cards is supposed to come out. Expecting that to drive down prices a litte.

The Chaintech Geforce FX 5700 Ultra kicked the 9600XT's ass in almost all benchamrks

I'm not to worried about which card is the best... I just want decent value for the money... Right now I play BF142 on a ATI 7000... runs pretty much fine.

more ram

Jerkie, the 5700 does not "kick the crap out of the 9600xt". They're almost on par with the xt winning a few more of the benchies. Look at some of the reviews. Regarding buying a 9800pro...i'd wait a couple of months as the next gen chips are coming out in march. Both the nv40 and the r420. These cards will be roughly twice as fast as the current cards. Even if you don't buy them the 9800pro is going to drop in price considerably.


read for urself if u like


Chaintech has gone and taken the GeForce FX 5700 Ultra GPU from nVidia and converted it into a work of art with some real love and care put into the mix from a group of talented Taiwanese engineers who obviously have a passion about the thing they do. The entire product from package contents to the beautiful looking graphics cards is brilliant and very well thought out.

On the performance side of things, the overall numbers are very respectable for a mainstream graphics card with around a 10% lead of the Radeon 9600 XT reference card from ATI. Taking ATIs side for a moment, you will find retail 9600 XT cards will reduce the performance gap to a level which could almost be considered unimportant.

On the price side of things the price on GeForce FX 5700 Ultra and Radeon 9600 XT retail cards from various manufacturers are about the same, as seen here and here on Deal Time from both nVidia and ATI.

Overall weve got a product on our hands from Chaintech which looks sensational, performs well for the price in all modern games, offers decent overclocking performance and comes with a package which should please anyone on the market for a mainstream graphics card and most importantly will not break the bank. Weve got a true beauty on our hands here!"

sorry, beats lol

The 5700ultra is only faster when you don't turn up the image quality through the drivers. Raw speed, 5700 is faster but with all the bells and whistles the radeon is faster.




The last graphs in each page results using 4xantialiasing and 8xanisotropic filtering (image enhancing features). The radeons are faster once you turn up the image quality but the 5700 is faster if you leave these settings off.

The 5700 ultra is still an excellent card.