What's wrong with Mino's eye???

Check out the photos on MMAWEEKLY.com. Minotauro's right eye seems to be losing color and appears glassy. Any idea what's going on???

Ya it does look weird, probably just some flash of light like info said.

His eye is the same in several different photos. I'm pretty sure that it's not healthy. It looks like a cataract!!!!

actually he has a problem at one eye.

he was even training this last months with a football helmet for the head to protect his eyes.

dixit a french mma magasine.

Sprayed in the eye with Arrogance by Rick Martel.

LOL at odysseyroc!!! Where'd the fluck did you come up with that!!?! Rick Martel as the Model was one of the funniest characters EVA in the WWF!!!!!!


inf0tr8r it's Japan dude. They let a MMA Monkey fight.

IS NOG SICK???????????? :(

I haven't seen the pictures but it was quite noticeable in the inverview session on the PPV.


lol =)