What's wrong w'this, mate?

I just got a warnin' for this thread. Kirik has let me back on the forum, knobheads, so don't just fuckin' delete me posts for no reason.

Please recheck in the MMA.tv Terms of Usage in regards to the content below.
Message you were warned for,

I'm gonna do me site all over again, mate. That's the Lee Murray one what y'said y'didn't like on the radio, mate. Remember that? "I SEEN ON HIS SITE IT MAKE ME SICK!""

Fuck is wrong w'that, mate? That's what Tito said an' I didn't say he was a twat or nothin', so what the fuck was it I done wrong?

Nothing, unless you're attempting to piss the guy off.

"I'm gonna do me site all over again, mate. That's the Lee Murray one what y'said y'didn't like on the radio, mate. Remember that? "I SEEN ON HIS SITE IT MAKE ME SICK!"""

I am going to re-do my site. I am referring to the site dedicated to Lee Murray that you talked about on the radio. You said that you did not like it.

Fuckin' right, mate. He said on the fuckin' radio that he didn't like me site but I can't fuckin' ask him about it? Shite.

I'd rather sound British like Lee Murray than scared like Tito Ortiz, mate.



"I hope Tito beats you down."

I already met Tito an' he didn't do fuck all, mate.

Unless your intent was to antagonize Tito. If that was your intent, I support the warning.

No mate, I wanted t'ask why he didn't like me site. Maybe it were the colors what put him off.

I can't even understand what the fuck he's blabbin' about....

"Skelboy's mom sucks the knob of any man for 2 bucks a pop."

Me mam works in a handbag factory an' would fuckin' destroy you an' all your mates in a streetfight for free, knobstove. She's got a haircut like that American bloke what tried t'play Robin Hood in that shite film what had that Canadian twat on the soundtrack w'that song that was at number one for about sixty weeks, an' she's about four thousand times tougher 'n'all.

"Thursday nights, San Francisco at various McDonald men's rooms, so the word is."

English in't y'first fuckin' language, is it? That's English from England, mate, 'cos y'sound like one o'them swedish twats like that shite band w'that poofter what never wears a jumper or a t-shirt an' what's got a tattoo on his nipple an' gets that twat what falls over on TV for money like a right knob t'direct his shit videos, mate.


This is ridiculous... ban this clown!

I can only tell you guys what I've seen of him here, but so far he has managed to piss off Tito Ortiz and Chris Brennan.  He made a website that gets a bunch of play here as well. 

Here it is: http://www.freewebs.com/london_calling.


Because I'm an idiot.

Skel "Respecting all Styles" boy

It is like we get to see Luke Jr, growing up before our eyes.

"What's the difference between 'ExtremelyGhey' and an onion? You don't cry when you cut up 'ExtremelyGhey'."

Oh yeah, an' the fuckin' onion doesn't make a twat out of itself on internet messageboards, mate.

"I didn't know someone could get such a strong accent in about 4 months...Funny."

This rates almost as fuckin' highly on the "shiteometer" as anythin' y've said so far, mate. Fuck is that supposed t'mean, anyway?

There is nothing quite like a trash talking internet
geek with a phoney accent insulting some of the sports


ttt for Skelboy.

Funniest shit I'v read here in a long time.

Please Skelboy don't hurt 'em

Hes funny but i just cant belive that he is serious.