What's wrong w'this, mate?


Whats with all the "geezer" talk?

Regardless of your accent, it takes less effort and is natural to write in regular english.

ima ozzie mayte, butta type in my accent is fa-keen stew'pd

"English in't y'first fuckin' language, is it?"

SWEET BABY JEEBUS Skelboy, if that ain't the pot callin' the kettle black.

I'm laughing my ass off at the "slang" you feel a need to inject into your posts to confirm that you are oh so british. It's so fucking contrived, you're killin' me. :D

"Extremely Gay", Lee makes a better livin' "off Tito's name" than your boy Jorge will in construction since he just got fuckin' humiliated in the UFC, mate. "Bwahahahahahahahaha!"

"SWEET BABY JEEBUS Skelboy, if that ain't the pot callin' the kettle black."

1. Shut the fuck up, knobface.

2. In in't "the pot callin' the kettle black", bumtoucher, 'cos English IS me first language. If y'think what I type is a load o' bollocks then fine, but the fact is that it's (i)a dialect o'fuckin' English, FROM ENLAND, an' (ii)that if y'think it's a fuckin' affectation an' "slang" then I'm obviously doin' it on purpose an' it can't be considered me first language, can it?

"It's so fucking contrived, you're killin' me. :D"

Good. How long's it gonna take, y'think? Hurry up and hang y'self like that bloke from that band what sung up nazi prostitutes.

What an idiot.

Racer X has shifted into correct gear.

"What an idiot."

Don't feel bad mate, we all make fuckin' mistakes sometimes. Try harder next time an' maybe y'll be able t'say somethin' that isn't total shite an' not make y'self look fuckin' stupid in the process, eh?

Jaysun, in't y'that twat what's got metal teeth, tryin' t'look like one o'them shit top 40 rappers? Y'should stop wastin' y'time fightin' an' hangin' out on the internet an' go over t'some third world country, mate - y'could jump start the economy an' make the farmland fertile again w'the all the precious metal an' shite y've got comin' out o'yer mouth. Think about it, mate.

lol, although sometimes unintelligible, he is often hillarious.


I'm thinking about it, mate!

ima ozzie mayte, butta type in my accent is fa-keen stew'pd

you just saved your two year old daughter from the jaws of a vicious croc with the correct...

just curious how many of you guys would ride rampage's nuts (the way you ride skelboy) if he came on here and posted with an accent? betting 75% or more would think it was dumber than hell, somehow this idiot gets cult status... send his dumb ass back to fightsport.

whats with all the curses mate

i understood murray just fine...Murray's mic skils are far superior that that of Tito's IMO


Skelboy, what are your thoughts on Dana White?

Holy shit l cant understand a thing

Big up Skelboy!

I understood - Murray perfectly.

Are you hard of hearing or just stupid?

Typing in cockney,that's cool.