What's your #1 contribution to the og?

You have a cool avatar. So there is that.

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When someone asks about something that happened before they were born, I have that covered.


Pics bro!

If you like podcast, this one just dropped. Tim Dillon and Joe Rogan always make a good podcast

I can help with low level med questions, especially cardiology.

I’m a male nurse. A murse. Not even the most popular murse here. I don’t care. You fuckers are here to entertain me, not vice versa.

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Replying to shitty threads.


My number 1 contribution is teaching folks about the safety first lifestyle. I’d like to think I have changed a lot of lives around here.

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Thoughtful and accurate political insight and analysis

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I’m still around…

Biggest contribution now is my homeless vagabond pics though, since i no longer have a vast wardrobe to mix and match from.


Trolling malvert

My contribution is embarrassing Democrats

Yes… Helmets impair vision… make you a danger yourself and everyone else…

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I exposed Pagans.


Couch Potato Comedy GIF by Kim's Convenience


Now rhino I know you’re just yanking my chain because you know how hardcore I am about the safety first lifestyle.

I’m not mad at you, but I must insist you not disparage the helmets. Safety first guys!

Only pussies wear helmets…


Ok. Looks like I’m going to have to tell the mods on you. We don’t need ruffians like you causing trouble around here. It was nice knowing ya!

You Bro New York Jets GIF by Nickelodeon at Super Bowl

I try to be a Gentleman INSPIRATION to the LOWbred Common CURS so that they may improve their character and social situation!

I got the OG into midgets and chess and also women with short hair.

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Turning OG into democrat voters one member at a time

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