What's your #1 contribution to the og?

Every now and then I can talk about travel, destinations and the miles/points game at an expert level.

What is your definition of a pagan?

I tell grown men who can’t throw a spiral their dad failed them.

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I supported Hunter 45 fake GF pics… but not his doxxing

telling him they hoped his motor wheelchair got stuck and he died in an empty lot was a bit much

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I’d say posting consistently for a very long time while having absolutely no impact on anyone.

My silence


DoS attacks

Casual racism


Oh, I don’t know…shenanigans…hilarity…incredibly intelligent insights?

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I almost single handily keep the “Sad Cringe” thread alive these days

If there’s one thing I know, it’s sadness

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I have noticed this. You need to tone it down a notch or two. This is a website! Not a clown college.

Not sure what I bring to this place. Selfishly i don’t care. It brings me joy.

I’m cool with mostly everyone on here though

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Selfishness is not a good quality. Would you like me to explain why?

Sure buddy. Hit me.

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