what's your best trick?

I take it a lot of you guys play a bit of soccer, so do you have any tricks to dust people? I'm not really a tricks guy, just try to get around people using power and pace (who am i kidding...using ackwardness and foul tactics) and also like to turn one way and then pass the opposite way using my heel.

I'm known to use the standard outside of the boot stepover (lollipopping), and have totally wrong footed people with it. I also do this trick where i roll it to one side of my body then flick it in the same direction with the outside of the other boot, people never seem to be able to read it, but it's not really that effective. Do the odd marridona twist aswell when it just feels right, but mostly just for show!

I lost my tricks about 5 years ago when I started to play in defence...been working a bit recently though as I'm playing more indoor.

I don't really have one that is great...I have a pretty good Cryff turn I guess...that usually gets me a semi clear shot on goal.

Yeah actually I do that a lot. One thing I do the WHOLE time which is kind of simular is pretend i'm about to boot it, and then readjust and turn taking it away with the outside of my boot, usually works a treat.

Push the right analog stick in one direction, then do a complete circle back to the same direction. You'll do a 360. Only do it when your guy's energy meter is gold though.

This is from BJJ, but you can use it in every sport.

It's a dirty trick, but it's usefull...

when iplayed i used my speed more than anything. but if i had to go to trickery the spin move was my move i used most often.