What's your biggest pet peeve at work?

I'm in outside sales and cannot fucking stand when I ask someone I work with a question or for their opinion on something and they give me a bullshit "corporate answer."

Example that happened today when I asked someone in merchandising a question about a major opportunity...

Me: I can move 50 cases a month (roughly 15k in one product) if we can get the sales cost down 10 cents/lb. What's the likelihood of getting this locked in for them?

Keep in mind, I know what we paid for the product

Worthless Sack of Shit: I can see what we can do, but we're a for-profit company and the current price is very competitive considering the market...

What is so hard about saying, "sorry man, wish I could help you out, but corporate won't let us touch this. You're honestly wasting your time on this cause it's not gonna happen."

End rant. Phone Post 3.0

Dummies who somehow get promoted. Phone Post 3.0

Too many to list or to choose from. Boss has OCD and is a major control freak, makes an easy job as difficult as possible. Phone Post 3.0

People who treat those below them like shit, but then turn around and kiss ass to anyone above them. Such a horrible character trait. I can't stand associating with people like that. Phone Post 3.0

I don't like how thinnly all of our projects are scoped.  We always get ourselves in a bind to bid jobs competitively so we enhance scope and reduce price to meet an insane schedule.  It winds up sacrificing quality.

It's kind of how we need to be, but I don't have to like it.

Unnecessary meetings Phone Post 3.0

Op, what type of products do you sell? Are you in the food industry? Phone Post 3.0

Pratty - Unnecessary meetings Phone Post 3.0
This. And when meetings drag on because someone loves to hear themselves talk. I work with someone who has to throw their two cents in and offer suggestions to other departments constantly. Annoying as fuck. Phone Post 3.0

Pratty - Unnecessary meetings Phone Post 3.0
This is another major one for me. It's not so much that I have a lot of weekly/monthly meetings, it's the fact they are twice as long as they should be.

Cut out all the BS rah-rah and tell me what I need to know. Plus there's always that one co-worker who needs to be heard and says stupid shit just to be noticed. Fuck them too lol. Phone Post 3.0

OP - if  the price is reduced by 10 cents/lb, will the revenue still be able to cover the all-in costs, including amortization of fixed expenses, and after-sales service, if applicable (that is probably N/A in this case)?


If so, you should reply to the Worthless SOS that, as a "for-profit company", our earnings will rise if you give me this modicum of a price concession, so it wouldn't make sense not to do it. Unless you don't want revenue and martket share growth. Fuckface.

And op, I'm going to guess you get those kind of answers because no one wants to be the reason for preventing a sale. It doesn't look good. You can make a sale but someone else then has to be responsible for making it happen. And if they can't, or something changes afterward, it's now on their shoulders and not yours to make it work. Phone Post 3.0

da Vinci 81 - Op, what type of products do you sell? Are you in the food industry? Phone Post 3.0
I sell everything a bar, restaurant, hotel, school, etc. would need in order to operate, aside from alcohol. Yes. Phone Post 3.0

Laziness Phone Post 3.0

When someone has no idea what they're talking about and when cornered, they blurt out that it's "industry standard".

Like that somehow absolves them of being a tard. Phone Post 3.0

People who will go to any lengths to get out of work. They'd rather be despised by coworkers than actually do something.

In short, people who don't pull their weight. Phone Post 3.0

Meetings about how we need to be more productive, but we can't be more productive because of all the fucking meetings all the time

Two words.... "Reply All" Phone Post 3.0

And the one guy at work that I swear takes a fucking 3 hour lunch every day, and when he IS here, no one can find him because he's wandering around. Constantly being paged.

Nosy people. People who are in your personal space and ask questions such as:

"What's this"

"Where'd you get that"

"How long have you had this"

"What did you end up paying for it?"

"Whatcha looking at?" when I'm surfing the net

"What's in the package?" Referring to something they see in the mail I ordered


Mind your own goddamn business and leave me alone.

In before "TPS Report Cover Sheets"