What's your biggest regret as a collector?

Back in 2006 long before I was a collector I was very excited for UFC 57. Chuck and Randy were gearing up to end their amazing trilogy. I had finally converted most of my friends into mma fans and for the first time I was going to have people over for the fights at my house. So in anticipation of all this I jumped online and purchased a poster for the event. Cost me $12. This is where looking back gets hard. I was 16 and without thinking scotch taped the poster up on my bedroom wall. The event came and went and the poster stayed. A few months later I was getting ready to remodel and just casually crumpled it up and tossed it in the trash. Since getting into collecting I've been kicking myself ever since.

Another is when I went to an mma convention in anaheim, There was a booth with a stack of Ring of Fire posters for free. I grabbed one and later lost it. Now there worth 40+ dollars

Any big regrets as a collector?

also went to K1 dynamite in LA for royce vs saku 2 and Brocks debut. Could have grabbed 20 plus 11x17 posters. I've never seen one for sale.

I wish I had bought boxes of the pride cards and just left them in storage until last year!

Boxes go for $400 plus now and I wanna say it was Cam who was selling them for $80-$100 back in 06-07!

topps ufc round 1 cards for me or jon jones rd 2 autos. rd 1 box when i was looking 200$ price now $600 ++ jon jones autos blue 15$ now $60-90$ red autos 60-120$ now 600-1200$

I wish I started collecting 95-97 when I was training at the Gracie Academey..and 97-01 while training at the beverly hills bjj club when ruas, bas, oleg, kerr, rizzo, golar, etc were training there for their early pride/ufc fights.

I remember asking Sam Rand mgr of tga for a UFC 1 poster and he said he could not get me a ufc 1 but that he could get me a UFC V. I was training hard core then and not collecting so I never followed up.

Not buying a shit ton more posters when I went to Dream 7 is a big regret

Also not pulling the trigger when Pride had those GP mat plaques on clearance in their US online shop Phone Post

Mine is passing on two different Pride 1 posters that to this day I still dont have.

Another would be not buying some more Red bolts when they were on the Pride US shop for $50.

 Not buying 20 cases of Pride FC cards, only buying 5 and leaving wiggle-room on the credit card.

 Not taking everything I could carry from the IFL headquarters in NYC, only what would fit in 1 trip.

 Can we list more than 1 regret? Fuck it!

 Not buying the entire Pride FC contents of the Japan office after Roland raped it all on Ebay and got caught. Smartest thing Jesse ever did.

 Not snagging one of the Pride 33 Event cards from Caesars like Yums and TheHome did...

 C'mon PT, Clint, Yums, JM, Arias, etc...... drop some words on this thread... I know you have some regrets...  make this shit interesting!

Not stalking fightpimp back to his secret lair and going all pirate on him.

Pirate like a "skinny"? .50 cal that ass!

mine was probably trading my event signed Affliction posters...or my Fedor Gold PRIDE FC auto.

also not finding that PRIDE mat plaque thing first, that someone posted where the seller listed it for less then $50 on ebay.

Interned for the IFL when it was going under and literally could have taken every poster and promotional item they had....I passed Phone Post

Not buying a ton load of UFC 79 fully signed posters, I went to the weigh-in's and asked to take a look at one, I got scared because the edges were sort of messed up on a few I viewed. So I passed because, I already spent $250 or something like that on tickets to go to the event and I wasn't sure that the card was going to have one of the best fights in UFC history Wand vs Liddell which ended up living up to the expectations.I had a chance to buy at least 5-6 at $200 a pop.

I owned the USWF for a short while. I also owned the belts and ended up letting the champions keep them. Evan Tanner was the heavyweight champ at the time.

I tried to buy Evan's UFC belt years back when he needed money to fix his boat.

Then years later I was offered Sean Sherk's, but the price kept changing. It was still a good price, but I didn't feel comfortable being dicked around like that, so I didn't go through with it.