What's your everyday footwear?

Nike free runs 3.0 Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

I'll also have a pair of white and black air max's i got back in '12 that I absolutely love. wear my Cole Haans to special events like college football games and nice get togethers. Phone Post 3.0

SoSoPath 8D -
checkuroil - Phone Post 3.0
Do those anal beads lead up to your butthole? The tugging from foot your steps make you feel alive. Phone Post 3.0
That sounds...amazing Phone Post 3.0

Flip flops mostly. Redbacks at work Phone Post 3.0

Shiloh - To clarify Chucks wherever I have to wear real shoes. Flip flops the rest of the time. I wear them so much it bothers people haha.

And fuck you guys, flip flops and jeans are dope! Phone Post 3.0
I'm with you on the flip flops, people actually notice when I don't have them on. I also wear them to work with jeans everyday. Phone Post 3.0

Clarks Dessert Boots when I am at work

Top Siders / Flip Flops the rest of the time






A good 8 out of 10 days I have some type of Nike cortez on. Best sneakers eva

Stupidnewbie - 

I've almost worn out my all-black Nike Free 5.0's.  I just bought a pair of cheap Reeboks that I'm really liking.  They have a memory foam insole.  I also have some PF Flyers that I love but the lack of arch support keeps them as occasional shoes.

At work I am currently wearing Thorogood Soft Street 6" boots.

Yep my all black 5.0 free runners are a couple years old and are my daily shoes if not doing work at the house or not wanting to get my 5.0 trainers dirty. They are starting to wear a little. I wear some four year old shox nz for working at the house or going to the junkyard and stuff like that. They destroy my back and are so uncomfortable, but they won't fall apart. They are so damned durable! Next is some air max 2013 or something, not sure yet.

At work I wear a pair of lace up steel cap boots. Steel blue

At home I rocks pair of moccasins

An when I go out to the shops or mates houses I rock my early 90s air max,
I have a cpl of pairs. Phone Post 3.0

Flip flops Phone Post 3.0

Adidas superstar 2s. Hard to find. Phone Post 3.0

xDODZILLAx - Adidas superstar 2s. Hard to find. Phone Post 3.0
*2Gs Phone Post 3.0

work (paramedic)- garmont approach shoes if working in the hospital, danner boots if on the road.

casual-I usually wear doc martens ankle boots with jeans, or doc martens casual shoes.

Danner Bull Run