What's your favorite fight scene of all time?

Guile v bison street fighter. So realistic....

just few of many:

The Warriors bathroom fight scene

Matrix Reloaded fight scenes when they try to get the keymaker

RoadHouse (couple good ones)

John Wick vs the 2 ninja brothers

Oldboy. Hammer x Alley x henchmen. Perfect scene and so damn brutal 


OGers should appreciate the Eastern Promises shower scrap too. Viggo Mortensen in full cock out mode 

LLiu kang v reptile in Mortal kombat (95)

ONG BAK! - the scene with the capoeira guy! 

I just went with one for you super fight fan. If you guys don't know how to post videos I will help, but let's go with 1 per poster unless you have a brain fart and forget your real favorite. 

Great choice dreville 

The actor Lateed Crowder has to be the guy who inspired Eddie Gordo in tekken.

There would be no UG without this scene :-)

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Great post Kirik. Thanks for giving us a place to be fans together. 

Ip man. When he takes on 10 Japanese fighters

This was my first suggestion below Kirik's video lol. Good choice Carmieboy.

A lot of great choices so far. Disqualifying myself due to bias. Some shows/movies I've seen in full, some I don't know the backstory. Judging on fights alone, I won't put in Good Will Hunting, but that's an amazing movie, and so is a Bronx tale.

My top 3 so far

1. Deadwood fight

2. They live

3. Ip man


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lol how does this shit work