What's your favorite fight scene of all time?


Man from Nowhere

Final fight in The Raid 2 is GOAT

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Flexo -

Final fight in The Raid 2 is GOAT

Came to post this. That whole movie wins this thread for me


Fucking awesome

jmoney81 - lol how does this shit work

Jmoney81, I use the share button to get the link on my phone, and when I paste it it works. I also have the option to paste as regular text. Hope that helps

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There's the prison fight from this movie on the first page. Seems to be the UG's choice so far movie wise.

Also lol for being on the front page. This SN sucks, but seeing by Cawkgobbler on the front page is epic.

What type of UG thread would it be without a laugh thrown in.

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I know one thing. This thread is BADASS! Keep em coming!

Some good ones already! OP I love that bar fight, exactly like you say too, it's not the best choreographed but it's the mood!

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Ninja lee bringing the heat. My new top 3

The ending is awesome. 

Damn son!

A >

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For my brother

Hands down Keanu Reeves vs 100 agents in the Matrix.There was no special effects or CGI.He said he choreographed every punch and kick and physically threw every one in sequence and that was like a 20min fight scene..Wow right

Anything with prime jackie chan or the raid 2.


Punisher prison scene. 

I've seen that Bronx Tale fight many times. I'm only now realizing how much one of the bikers looks like Rob Schneider.