What's your favorite guard?

Could be different for different objectives (sweeping vs submitting), but I'm interested in knowing what everyone's most effective guard is. Also, what's the hardest guard for you to deal with when trying to pass?

For me I would say:
Submissions: Closed Guard, High Closed Guard and Cross Guard
Sweeps: Scissors Guard, Spider Guard & when opponent stands, DLR Guard
Most Difficult to Pass: Butterfly Guard

My favorite is a high, shoulder guard. With one knee above their shoulder... but i love most guards... Spider is a close second

Lately my bottom game is revolving around cross guard. Equally good for sweeps and subs and hard to pass for most opponents.

Toughest guard to pass for me at the moment is butterfly.

whichever one i'm passing

I'm a equal oppertunity employer for guards. I like most every guard and I like to have a solid of as many of them as I can.

Half & Turtle !

I prefer the collar and sleeve grip - what some people call "vanilla" open guard.

So many high % options from here...tripod sweep, armbar, armdrag (perosh game), loop choke...

lately i've been working a lot of pistachio guard

eviladam - lately i've been working a lot of pistachio guard

Not much more than a byproduct of the clam guard, imo.

Half guard - usually a lot of action from there and that is fun.

The Presidential Guard.

Submissions: Closed Guard, X Guard
Sweeps: Half Guard
Most Difficult to Pass: Butterfly Guard

Closed and open are my favorites...

 I have the most trouble with spider guard, on the other hand i like all guards that lead to a sub.

fig 4 bodylock - great for locking them down,head n arm triangles,Ezekiel chokes,forced kumuras thats my number 1 with a bullet
closed guard for people i cant fig 4,getting really crafty with my armbars
I am a big fan of the rubber guard,works well for gogoplatas,omoplatas,locking guys down and elbowing them in the top of their skulls and my favorite RG sub the invisible collar- love that shit
half guard- transition,transition,transition thats my main focus from half, its like a broom to me good for one thing,sweep,sweep and more sweeps

the guard i have the most trouble with...the one i'm stuck in at the time

1/2 guard - I love the balance it gives between defense, offense, and control. I can protect myself, attack, and restrict my opponents movement all at the same time. Plus, it gives me the option to sweep, close my opponent down by going to full guard, or escape to open guard/scramble - from which I can frustrate my opponent by going back to 1/2 guard...


For me it depends, in gi I prefer high guard and in nogi half.

..btw what is cross gaurd? I am pretty ignorant when it comes to  BJJ lingo. thanks

Technical stand up game or foot on the hip half guard game to underhook game.

Butterfly and half guard and, if the guy stands, x-guard. I have the most trouble passing a good spider guard.