What's your favorite horror franchise?

Do you guys have any interest in the new Shyamalan movie? I do

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And just throwing this out there, if you like dumb horror movies too.

wert der ferk lol, wow ill be watching this

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@BJ_Penn_Forever @Captain_Kaboom

if you wanted to watch them, you could always rent them on amazon but if you like saving money

1: pubfilm.one/movie/40466/

2: pubfilm.one/movie/39862/

links worked on my end. enjoy & be careful navigating the ads. just close whatever comes up


There’s only 2 movies, but I would add The Strangers to my list of favorites.

I have a hard time with this once… NOES, F13th, Halloween, Alien, Jeepers Creepers, TCM… so many good ones. I think I have more F13th stuff than any of them.


didnt see anyone mention the hills have eyes. edit


Never seen the original Hills Have Eyes. I saw the remake a long time ago, and thought it was pretty disturbing. I should watch it again sometime.