What's your favorite mild sauce?

The og is a non inclusive environment full of danger and excitement. I HATE DANGER AND EXCITEMENT!

This thread is for the minorities like me!

I like great value brand mild taco sauce and mild salsa! It has the perfect amount of spice… NONE!

I really enjoy my mild sauce while I sit by my fake fireplace and read pamphlets about the latest advancements in burlap sack technology.

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Tiger sauce is great and family friendly.


Mild sauce is just pico de Gallo

Some people never had hot pico de gallo before…

Some people never shut the fuck up.

Thank you Spooky. Very nice selection. You’re a gentleman and a scholar.

Unlike that uninclusive JERK @Malvert_the_Janitor who doesnt respect my no frills, safety first lifestyle!

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Some girls are 20ers…

Hey he is not a girl and he gave me a coupon that saved me a decent chunk of change one time!

Don’t you ever talk to him like that again you anti safety bigot

Hot… only babies and small women use mild!

Hot Sauce Food GIF by Cholula Hot Sauce

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Hey bub this ain’t a KKK rally so how about you get with the times?

Some people are different and you should accept them! I hate hot sauce. Way too spicy for me. I’m a no frills kind of guy.

And I expect your support in my thread about safe sex later today too.

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Didn’t know “the hoods” were rabid hot sauce connoisseurs… now I shall correct my ways and live a bland mild existence! No more trips to flavor town!

I’ll be waiting for the safe sex… … … thread.


^^^ them bitches is all hot!

Green Tabasco is hot??? Stop wearing your mother’s underwear.

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Thank you. And let me just say, I really admire you ability to completely change your tune based upon what others say.

Some people may give you guff for it, but a spineless safety first existence is always the best option.

Hey that’s not true and don’t you ever talk to him that way again!

#1 OP, if this is the shtick you want to go with, that’s fine, just don’t be so annoying with it.

#2 There have been 17 replies and nobody has said that OP’s favorite sause is “baby batter” straight from the tap? The OG is slipping

First of all mister, safety first lifestyle is not a schtick. It is a lifestyle choice made by the smartest amongst us.

Secondly, grow up! Innuendos about a person’s sexual preferences is so immature. It’s also hurtful. Did you even think about my feelings before you said that?

I like women, I’m just saving myself for marriage.

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Bw3s makes a really satisfying mild buffalo sauce.

A slight tangy flavor, but no kick at all!

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