What's your favorite strategy?

I never play for more than a few bucks at a time and just with friends, but I play kickers HARD. If I've got any kind of decent pair with an A or K I'll push hard. I won't go all in with just a pair, but it's really my favorite play just because I love the disappointment when someone loses on a kicker.

No matter what I have, I go all-in.

It keeps them completely off balance.

Yeah that's when I have the most fun, when you're down to nothing and you go all in on every hand for 3-4 hands in a row to either get it over with or get back into the game.

Pushing with the absolute nuts on the river if I'm pretty confident my opponent has a big hand too.

Sometimes, when I'm weak, I pretend to be strong. And vise-versa. It works like a charm!!!!

tournament strategy I use sometimes with people who don't know me is to lay low play tight until about midway through the game when blinds are getting pretty high, at this point I can use my image as a tight player to steal more pots then I should

however this only works if your playing against a table who plays a bit looser then they should which is almost every table

I like to outplay my opponents, but sometimes I drink iocane too.

I tell myself I'm Sicilian and that we're playing with my life and not money.