Whats your favorite Weight Class?

What weight class do you find the most exciting and most enjoyable to watch?

I like both MW and LHW not sure which one is my favorite out of the 2.

155 then 205

I think the MW is most under developed in terms of hype and as a weight class.

Obvioulsy there are the Bustas, Lindlands, Baronis and Sakus but as a weight class it is not near the others (becuz its newer i guess).

I like light heavy and welterweight.

155 and 170


145, no divison has so many top contenders (good enough to possibly overthrow the champion of that weightclass)

And contrary to popular belief 90% of all matches DO NOT go to a decision.

in 1 division you have.

Alexandre Pequeno, Joao Roque, KID Yamamoto, Ivan Menjivar, Hideki Kadowaki, Gilbert Malendez, Stephen Palling, Bao Quatch, Naoya Uematsu, Hiroyuki Abe, Masakazu Imanari, Jeff Curran, Remigius Morkevicius, Charlie Valencia, Cole Escovedo, Katsuya Toita, Rumina Sato, and Takeharu Murahama, no division has ANYTHING on that.

LHW, then WW.

Pride's LHW GP was sick, and the LHW is the best division in the UFC.

205 and heavies

205 and heavies


155 and 205. As for specific orgs' divisions, Pride's hw division is pretty crazy.

145.... the little guys always wanna throw and keep it moving. You almost never see 145 pounders laying on a guy til the round ends.


205 and Heavy. I like watching the guys who could beat all of the others.

Kazper is correct. Except Takaharu Murahama is 154 and Takehiro Murahama doesn't fight MMA these days, so neither Murahama could be on that list. But is otherwise correct.

You could also add Jens Pulver, Hiroyuki Takaya, Taisho, Yoshiro Maeda, and Hideo Tokoro to that list.

And I'm not a fan of the bigger fighters in general, but light heavyweight has been a very strong division for many years now.


looks like 205 is the most favored but the list is pretty mixed

145 without a doubt

145 easily

then 205

I gotta say HW and LHW, with MW being the most under developed as another person posted.

In UFC definately LHW, their HW class is very underdeveloped, but has potential with Mir, Sylvia, Arl, etc. Pride def. HW with LHW's there like Silva though that are flat out amazing and capable of taking out many HWs.

Overall, I like HW, but LHW with its talent is right up there too. MW and the lighter weights have great potential and will probably be more prominant once UFC and others get weekly shows and can have those divisions promoted and worked out with fights to sort out rankings and find the exciting fighters.