What's your favorite weight division to watch ? ?

Mine is Middleweight....

Anderson, Marquardt, Henderson, Akiyama, Wanderlei, Belfort, Okami, Maia, Cung le, Manhoef, Lawler, Jacare, Mayhem, etc...


Any division but middleweight.

Middle and LHW have some fine matchups, but I just prefer the excitement of see some top rated heavies square off.

LHW everyone is in shape, but still has KO power.

Don't have a favorite really. I suppose if there were a gun to my head, I'd say WW.

The best athletes are at bantamweight. What other sport is a man that size supposed to participate in? Almost a bit too large to be a jockey and too small for everything else.


HW, even though the talent is way too thin and a truly good HW fight happens about twice a year. It still represents the contest to be the baddest man on the planet. I also like the fact that HW has a huge weight spread, and so it is the one weight division where there isn't a contest to weigh as much as posssible, but rather to come in at your absolute best fighting weight (for the vast majority of fighters).

WW or LHW.

HWT is pretty much a series of let downs with the very rare great fight.

WW fights are pretty much always exciting and the LHW are pretty much HWTs with gas tanks.

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