What's your form weapon?

I say form weapon to draw a distinction from practical personal protection weapons that you might favor, like a gun or a slick folder in your waistband. For some folks, it might be the same thing.

One day, my sabumnim said to be, "Tomorrow, I'd like to start you on a weapon." So, I thought all night about what one I wanted to learn. Sword and staff were cool, but I decided I'd learn the sai. Flashy, compact, and a little like juggling with all the twisting and flipping. I'm also a big Electra comic fan.

I showed up at class the next day, and before I could say anything, he handed me a single tonfa. I was not amused. He made me spin, swing, and thrust with it for two hours while I kept thinking about the chrome sai instead of this stupid piece of wood. By the end of class, though, I was comfortable. By the end of the week, I was quick. After a month, I knew the form and could even improv long combos. Now, I love them. I think they're not only flashy enough for forms, but you could actually use them in fight effectively if you had some reason to have one lying around.

Tonfa are cool.

I always thought they were cool.

6 foot staff - bo.

Double chucks.

How long is the short stick?

Staff is king of the weapons, but 2xChucks is a flashy sexy movie star.
Tonfa, not sexy. I've never seen a movie where it's the hero's weapon that I can remember. If you know one, I'd love to rent it.

Kali sticks. Although I suck with them still, and the only person I have been able to hit with them is myself in the head .

I was pretty good with the staff. I learned Chinese jian for a while, but it's hard

re: short stick length - hanbo is generally ~3' - literally means half a bo.

sometimes some styles refer to "short sticks" and the length is anywhere from 6" - ~ 12", aka yawara, fist stick, palm stick, olisi palad, tabak mayit, etc.

personally, i like practical weapons, so i train sticks with lengths of 6" up to 6' staff. i am looking eventually to get a 9' pole.

but with my FMA mindset, whatever weapon you train can be adapted for another weapon. it is motion you are training. granted you have to take the specific aspects of the weapon you are using into consideration, but in general, the motions will be similar.

I was watching an Eagle Claw demo last weekend, and one student was doing a "Short staff" form. It was an escrima stick. That's a damn short staff.

I do regret not learning a staff form.

Three-sectional staff, double straight swords, chain whip, and
long spear are my favorites.

Chain whip. Coooool...

I trained in alot of traditional weapons over the years, but my favorites are tools like claw hammer, shovel, trowel, boat oar, baseball bat..

I do a couple of shaolin staff forms, kama, short stick (Lua), and straight sword.

Hillbilly, you ever make a form for one of those tools?
A friend of mine, who was a gymnast and TKD red belt, destroyed his knee and was on crutches for maybe 6 months. By the end of those months, he'd developed his own twin crutch fighting style and a whole form. Funny stuff and at least he kept some kind of practice up.


In our style, we do the Okinawan Kobudo weapons of Bo, Sai, Tonfa, Kama, Nitan bo, Eaku, and Nunchaku. Every time I learned a new weapon, I thought it was my favorite. It would be difficult to pick one favorite only.

My teacher's family were bo pract itioners back for many generations. I was told by some elder Okinawans on one of my trips there that "Mr. Kuda, Mr. Bo same". Perhaps because of this, it's practicality, and that it was the first weapon I learned, I may lean towards the bo as being my favorite. All the rest are right close behind, with perhaps the kama being next.




I've studied most of the traditional weapons. Bo, kama, nunchacu, tonfa, ect, but I still prefer the 6' bo staff. And it's probably the most practical.

any of you guys ever spar/play with weapons? Every once in a while I think I should ramp up my kali skills and go fight in a dog brothers gathering...but then I sit down and calmly remind myself I am a 36 year old technical trainer, not a bad ass.

I've done it tjmitch, but it seems kinda gay sparring with padded weapons.

yuki, yeah I hear ya. But its better than just learning a staff form and never trying to apply it at all in my opinion.

any of you guys ever spar/play with weapons?
When I was in HKD, this was always discussed, but very few students were enthusiastic about being hit with a stick, even if it was padded. So, that never happened.
Now that I'm in an Arnis school, padding up and going at it with rattan sticks is part of the regular curriculum. I'm hoping to get my chance soon.