What's your go-to bachelor meal?

With all of the awesome, semi-gourmet threads about cooking going around here I wanted to see what kind of bachelor meals The UG cooks. You know, its gotta be done quickly, for yourself, with foods you always have laying around your kitchen. Here is one that I made tonite, that I make at least once a week...

Ravioli, Garlic Bread, Salad

Turn oven on broil.
Boil water. When boiling, throw in frozen cheese raviolis with a half cup of frozen veggies.
Put some Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Crumbles and pasta sauce in a bowl, place in microwave for a couple of minutes.
Butter two slices of bread, sprinkle garlic salt on them. Throw them in oven under the broiler.
Throw spinach, onion, feta cheese, crushed walnuts, cherry tomatoes, dressing in a bowl, mix.
Strain ravioli and veggies, put in bowl with heated sausage and pasta sauce, mix.
Remove bread from oven.

The whole process takes less than ten minutes, and is healthier than grabbing fast food somewhere.

What about you guys? What do you cook for yourself when you want dinner at home?

Porn, Vaseline, jerk , repeat Phone Post 3.0

Just had pork enchiladas. Just as good and you can make a bunch and freeze them for later. Super simple left over pork, some cheese, tortillas and enchilada sauce red or green your choice. Wrap bakin pan im tin foil stuff in freezer meals for the week son. Phone Post 3.0

Kraft dinner and hotdogs. 

I used to just fry a shit load of bacon and eat it with a beer

Fuck, I miss bachelorhood Phone Post 3.0

Spinach and Goya black or pinto beans. Phone Post 3.0

Jambalaya and polish sausage Phone Post 3.0

jdindiana - I used to just fry a shit load of bacon and eat it with a beer

Fuck, I miss bachelorhood Phone Post 3.0
This Phone Post 3.0

Steak and beer. Maybe some potatoes, mushrooms, or asparagus here and there.

Bratwurst sausage on hotdog buns with jalapeno mustard.

And beer. Phone Post 3.0

Bachelor Chow, now with flavor! Phone Post 3.0

Tuna sandwiches

eggs, bacon, toast, bacon, hashbrowns, bacon

chicken stirfry




Sex Chicken -

Kraft dinner and hotdogs. 

This Phone Post 3.0

I used to make this almost every night.  Really quick and easy.

Michalenas (sp) grande. Usually the linguine or Mac and cheese. Phone Post 3.0

Bowl of fruity pebbles. Phone Post 3.0

Chicken, quinoa&brown rice, and black beans....mix it up, dump a shit load of hot sauce on it, and enjoy. It's even near 20/40/40

Italian turkey sausage, egg whites, Mexican cheese, a tortilla, and a pan Phone Post 3.0

Block, box, and bottle

Block of cheddar, box of saltines, and a bottle of scotch

SPAM AND RICE W/ BBQ SAUCE!!!!!!! Phone Post 3.0