What's your go to summer(lawnmower) beer?

This just got released for the season and it's a big deal around here.  Basically tells you winter is over.  Honorable mention to lord hobo-hobo life


I always prefer cheaper beer while doing yard work. Give me a Coors and I'm happy.


Stone Go-to IPA

I have artificial turf and don't drink beer.

Smith and Forge Hard Cider

Busch Light

Leinenkugel Summer Shandy

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

That's a good one

I really like Shipyard's Island Time in the summer too

Laugunitas IPA, but that's my year round beer as well.

Summer shandy or a 4 hands divided sky IPA.

Chimonos Revenge - That's a good one

I really like Shipyard's Island Time in the summer too

I love Shipyard's beers.

Gritty hates it. He made fun of me for going there.

They make some good ones.

Some beer snobs (and I temper that, because i kind of am one too) turn their nose up at Shipyard, probably because they are the big name in town that have been around the longest in the craft beer scene.

Island time is good, Chamberlains is decent. I like their IPAs.

Pumpkinhead and Melonhead and all seasonal flavored ones have jumped the shark for me though.

Yuengling Lager all summer

I started digging session IPA's last year.  I'm an ipa guy and these were a breath of fresh air. Lighter beer but still hoppy.  Haven't found "the one" yet but they've all been pretty Ok.

busch light

something just so appetizing about the logo


Founders All-day IPA

Anderson Valley Summer Solstice

Arcadia Whitsun

Croydon Cream Ale made by Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co