What's your idea for good DVD set?

For me it would be a Wrestlemania 1-20 box set. WWE should also come out with DVD's detailing each decade's fueds and storylines. The complete history of NWA, AWA, and World Class would kick ass as well.

I'd like to see one covering all the stupid gimmicks there have been over the years (sort of like Wrestlecrap does).

At that awards thing they did a while back for the RAW anniversary, they made fun of some of the old stuff they did (Doink, Isaac Yankem etc.) - so it's not like they aren't capable of laughing at themselves.

A career DVD for Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels.

A series called "The History Of" where they do a different set of DVD's for each belt. For example: the first one would be The History of the WWF Heavyweight belt and show as much footage and interviews as they can of it's complete history to this day (show who-vs-who and a summary of feuds leading up to each title match then present the matches themselves). Do the same with all the WWF, ECW, WCW, etc belts and make each set 3 or more discs long. I would drop some cash on that.

That's a damn good idea, white_boy.

i'd drop some money on an ecw heavy belt dvd set, as well as the nwa/wcw belt and us title belt.

great idea white_boy

McMahon..Make it happen!

I really wish McMahon listened to the fans and maybe we'd get some of these.