What's your opinion on The 13th Warrior

I just learned that his was one of the biggest box office flops in history, losing somewhere in the neighborhood of $140 million dollars. I quite enjoyed this film, very much so, but then again I have a boner for Viking anything.

So what say you OG? The 13th Warrior, yay or nay? I say yay.

One of my all time favs,books also great Phone Post 3.0

only thing I've ever liked Banderas in that didn't also have an amazing set of tits next to him

really enoyed it.

Funny, I just watched this film the other day while on a layover between flights. I enjoyed it, though it is nothing special. The story line is very simple and the ending very predictable, but it has some good action/fight scenes and is good if you have 90 minutes to kill.

Good movie, never knew it was a flop. Phone Post 3.0

good movie, i enjoyed it

Fun movie. A cool take on the Beowulf story. Phone Post 3.0

Lo there do I see my father

Enjoyed the book & was surprised to enjoy the movie. He's been in way worse shit. Phone Post 3.0

Lo there do I see my mother...

and my sisters and my brothers... Lo there do I see the line of my people, back to the beginning!

It's a flawed classic with a phenomenal score and outstanding atmosphere.

Eaters of the Dead is worth a read for anyone who hasn't read it; Crichton was a shite writer, but a great ideas man.

I saw it when I was sick and home from school in high school. I really enjoyed it then and still like it though it hasn't aged that well. The "beasts" were pretty eerie in that movie. The tension was great. Underrated movie! Phone Post 3.0

ajsr has it right - the atmosphere was excellent. It was almost like a mixture between thriller/horror/fantasy genres.

The one thing I never understood is when the two vikings fight each other in town and if I remember one gets killed? It all seemed to be for no good reason and didn't advance the plot. Kinda weird. Phone Post 3.0

Check out:

Eaters of the Dead: The Manuscript of Ibn Fadlan Relating His Experiences with the Northmen in A.D. 922

It was cheesy and entertaining, but not great.

"Ahmad ibn-Fadlan:
Letters On the Vikings
(NOTE: Ibn Fadlan was employed by the 'Abbasid Caliph in Baghdad when he was accused of an
illicit love affair that would ruin his reputation and his career. He agreed to leave town on a
mission to open diplomacy with the Bulgars, as a way of getting out of the public eye, and out of
possible scandal. En route to the Bulgars he fell in with a group of Viking marauders. Here he
describes them in a letter.

The Northmen

They are the filthiest race that God ever created. They do not wipe themselves after a stool, nor
wash themselves thereafter, any more than if they were wild asses.

They come from their country in the North, anchor their ships in the Volga River, and build large
wooden houses on its banks. In every such house there live ten or twenty, more or less. Each man
has a couch, where he sits with the beautiful girls he has for sale. Here he is as likely as not to
enjoy one of them while a friend looks on. At times several of them will be thus engaged, each in
full view of the others. Now and then a merchant will come to a house to purchase a girl, and find
her master thus embracing her, and not giving over until he has full had his will.

Every morning a girl comes and brings a tub of water, and places it before her master. In this he
proceeds to wash his face and hands, and then his hair, combing it out over the vessel. Thereupon
he blows his nose, and spits into the tub, and leaving no dirt behind, conveys it all into this water.
When he has finished, the girl carries the tub to the man next t him, who does the same. Thus she
continues carrying the tub from one to another until each man has blown his nose and spit into the
tub, and washed his face and hair.

A Viking Funeral

I was told that when their chiefs die, they consume them with fire. When I heard that one of their
leaders had died, I wanted to see this myself. First they laid him in his grave, over which a roof
was erected, for the space of ten days, until they had completed cutting and sowing his funeral

At the death of a rich man, they bring together his goods, and divide them into three parts. The
first of these is for his family. The second is expended for the garments they make. And with the
third they purchase strong drink, for the day when the girl resigns herself to death, and will be
burned with her master.

When one of their chiefs dies, his family asks his girls and pages, "Which one of you will die
with him?" One will answer: "I." From the moment he utters this word, he may not go back.
Mostly, though, it is one of the girls who volunteers.
Regarding the man of whom I spoke, one girl answered "I will." She was then entrusted to two
other girls, who kept watch over her and accompanied her everywhere she went. The people were
preparing the dead man's funeral clothes, and this girl gave herself over to drinking and singing,
and was cheerful and gay.

When the day had come that the dead man and the girl were to be committed to the flames, I went
to the river where his ship lay, but found it had already been drawn ashore. The dead man lay at a
distance in his grave, from which they had not yet removed him. Next they brought a couch,
placed it in the ship, and covered it with Greek cloth of gold, wadded and quilted, with pillows of
the same material. An woman, whom they call the "Angel of Death," came and spread articles on
the couch. It was she who was to slay the girl.

They drew the dead man out of the grave and clothed him. They carried him into the ship, seated
him on the quilted covering, supported him with the pillows, and brought strong drinks, fruits,
and herbs to place beside him. Finally they brought a cock and hen, slew them, and threw them
in, too.

The girl meanwhile walked to and fro, entering one after another of the tents which they had
there. The occupant of each tent lay with her, saying, "Tell your master I did this only for love of

It was now Friday afternoon, and they led the girl to an object they had constructed which looked
like a door-frame. They lifted her and lowered her several times. Then they handed her a hen,
whose head they had cut off. They gave her strong drink and admonished her to drink it quickly.
After this, the girl seemed dazed. At this moment the men began to beat upon their shields, in
order to drown out the noise of her cries, which might deter other girls from seeking death with
their masters in the future.

They laid her down and seized her hands and feet. The old woman known as the Angel of Death
knotted a rope around her neck and handed the ends to two men to pull. Then with a broad dagger
she stabbed her between the ribs while the men strangled her. Thus she died.

The family of the dead men drew near, and taking a piece of wood, lit the ship. The ship was soon
aflame, as was the couch, the man, the girl, and everything in it.

At my side one of the Northmen was talking with my interpreter. After their conversation I asked
my interpreter what he had said. The Northman had said:

"You Arabs are stupid! You would take him who is the most revered and beloved among men,
and cast him into the ground, to be devoured by creeping things and worms. We, on the other
hand, burn him in a twinkling, so that he instantly, without a moment's delay, enters into

Willin - ajsr has it right - the atmosphere was excellent. It was almost like a mixture between thriller/horror/fantasy genres.

The one thing I never understood is when the two vikings fight each other in town and if I remember one gets killed? It all seemed to be for no good reason and didn't advance the plot. Kinda weird. Phone Post 3.0

It's been a while since I've seen the film or read the book but the duel does serve a purpose in the plot. As far as I remember King Hrothgar's son is afraid that Buliwyf is a threat to his claim to the throne and is hostile towards him. Buliwyf realises this and tells Herger to start engineer a disagreement to kill the son's muscle before he can make a move on them. That might not be 100% but the duel does serve some purpose in the plot.

Funnily enough the duel is one of the few historically accurate parts of the entire movie!

Love the mood of this movie, and the overall look. But the storyline was a tad weak, to say the least. The prayer at the end and the death of the Viking lord was epic, no doubt. Chills run down your spine.