What's your opinion? pt 2

What is needed by an instructor to say that he instructs MMA?

As it is such a new sport, how long does someone need to train before they would be considered a valid instructor?





tough question. i would say either a black belt in an actual useful fighting system, or a career of experience competing in an associated sport, with hopefully some coaching credentials under a recognized program, like a wrestler that competed through high school and college, and who has also coached juco or something.

being a nationally-ranked competitor in any fighting-related sport is itself a qualification, as long as you're open to allowing your students to train elsewhere to get skills your curriculum may lack or not emphasize. i think the team-concept of mma coaching is probably the best set-up at this point- your att's and what have you.

I ask because in Canada... WEstern Canada mostly, there is a severe lacking of qualified MMA or BJJ instrucotrs.

Yet these MMA schools are popping up everywhere and giving the good schools a poor name by association...

If that is the case, try and use it to your advantage, and educate people on how your school is superior!

Anyone can buy a certification nowadays. I would say that a good understanding of the sport and an effecient way to put it into action/teach would make for a good MMA instructor.