What's your parlay? Here's mine...

Hominick, Bocek and Jones to win outright and Ebersole to win by submission.

I think I've played it safe on this one but I struggled to pick any others! Nice and cheap this week £6 earns me £69

Am interested to hear yours! Phone Post

 i got KZ straight up at +400

then just threw a few on Hamman, Jung, Patrick, Bones parlay

Ha well I hope yours doesn't come in cause if it does mines fucked! Phone Post

Gonna make a couple when I get home! SUbd Phone Post

 hahaha, i hear ya man well good luck..

+400 im takin a risk on KZ, hominick is more technical sure, but i dont think he can put him away and has lost via sub a few times before.. his striking didn't look that great against aldo imo..

patrick is a brown belt bjj, i don't know what ebersole's ground skills are like but i think claude should avoid the sub n outsrike. we'll see tomorrow !

 Bad call on Ebersole. He may win, but not by Sub. Claude is a good BJJ guy.  

My thinking was Hominick will out work him, and I really rate Eversoles ground game I know it will be tough but that's how I see it going.

Should have bet on jones finishing within the 5 rounds but I forgot Phone Post

COME ON! Can't wait for some of these fights! Phone Post

Shit! Good fights tho Phone Post