Whats your reading music?

Do you use any background music if you've decided to just sit down, relax and read for a couple of hours? If I'm reading a good book, or comics, I always put on Waiting For Costeau by Jean Michel Jarre. Its just the perfect mood music for reading to me. Especially if I'm reading something kind of dark. Absolutely perfect for settling down with Sandman or Watchmen for a marathon read. Its mellow, its relaxing, its simple enough to not disturb me while reading, it doesnt change much at all for the whole 45 minutes (yes thats one track)

Sit down with a good book and give it a listen.




Not bad at all!

I don't listen to any music while reading.

I listen to a lot of IDM.

When im reading i usually like to listen to the minimal or ambient genre.

Stars of the Lid
The Dead Texan

Other examples of artist and music read too:

The Gathering Dark by Wo Fat.

Listened to it while reading Batman Grendel (Grendel-Prime), it's especially great in the opening when Grendel-Prime shows up in the mueseum.


Mark, those are perfect. Especially the first and last one. Those are going on my reading music list for sure.

Adagio by Secret Garden


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