What's your spam name?

I have a great idea for website called "What's your spam name?" which would be like other websites that give people fake names - vampire names, medieval names, old blues player names, etc. only it would be for spam names. Spam names are the auto-generated names that scumbag spammers use to bypass mail filters.

I know it would attract a lot of hits if it was done right.. combined with advertising it would make money - guaranteed. If you have the resources and know how.. do it.

Some examples of spam names from my own spam folder include:

Zelda Glick
Pepito Shibutani
Bogey Upjohn
Terencio Tinkham
Andonis Roncone
Greta Carini
Calv Koerner
Terrijo Joujoute
Sheelagh Elton
Meier Haver

Sometimes I really wish I had a spam name.

My go to names are for a female Dixon Holes and for a male Willie Fisterbottom.

Willie Fisterbottom managed to get one of his Fantasy Football teams on ESPN.com into the Top 50 on the site after the end of the season several years ago! #14 to be exact.

Willie FTW!