whats your typical workout?

whats a averge work out for you guys? im still new to muay tai and want to know what i should be focesing on.

Yeah that's an interesting question. I'd even like to raise another question about muay thai training: What's the matter with all the running?

I've read alot of coaches saying it's bad for fight specific conditioning since the rythm of the feet and type of activity (long distance aerobic) don't benefit muay thai. which also happens to be my opinion. the other side of course is the actual training which uses running.

I'd say sprints and hill sprints would be better than the 15 km running or whatever, since it accurately s(t)imulates the short-bursts-then-relax style of fighting and is more about strength endurance than just endurance.

this is not a troll or something, just tell me what you think or how you structure your workouts.

Sprints would be better conditioning then 15 km run but still not better then heavy bag, pads, etc. However, long aerobic running will help keep your body fat down.

yeh of course any kind of running won't be able to replace any actual pad-/bagwork. true about the weight, didnt think about that. another point is the running on your toes for the stamina in the calves, i think that would also be better trained while actually hitting the pads or the bag or maybe even skipping rope.

Personally I get shinsplints very quickly when i run, that's why i've looked for alternatives and simply can't jog/run like the thai workouts suggest.

If you are new to muay thai the most important thing for you is to focus on your technique, your footwork, and learning to "flow". At this level just jump some rope and shadowbox for 15-25 minutes total and do your workout.

total workout time 1-1.5 hours 3-5x per week

When you decide that you want to compete then yes you need to run. Sprinting is VERY important (I used to be a sprinter) and fighting is a lot like sprinting (periods of high intensity and periods of low intensity). I say run like 25-35 minutes (notice it is time not distance that is important) then do windsprints, start with like 10 and build your way up to 30. That is your morning workout but you may want to add shadowboxing, bag work, plyometrics, etc.

total workout time 1-2.5 hours 5x per week

Afternoon/evening workout is in the gym. Jump rope for like 15-20 minutes (no breaks) then shadow box for 15-20 minutes (again no breaks) then do bag work. I like to do the heavy bag in 15-20 minute rounds (no breaks), no they are not totally intense rounds but I work hard and throw in sprints. Sometimes I'll work the same basic combos over and over again and watch different parts of my technique anyways I'm just killing time and doing work. Then I like to do either 3-5 hard rounds on the bag and then 3-5 rounds on thai pads or the other way around. 4-10 rounds of sparring (not too intense). Shadow for 10 minutes. Stretch. Go home. No, I don't get all of this everyday. I change it up and work with the resources I have. I may not always have a pad holder or sparring partner so I do other things. Some days I do something entirely different, the bottom line is to work and keep in condition to fight.

total workout time 1.5-3 hours 5x per week

As far as rounds in conditioning phases of training I like long rounds. As you get closer to the fight be sure to train the length of rounds you will be fighting.



i am training in thailand right now. running makes up of 30-40% training here. i hate running, but its completely unavoidable if you wanna compete 5x3 like they do here in thailand.

running long distance improves your arobic capcity,which is very importent in fighting longer rounds and more of them,unlike the usuall 3x2 k1 style,where unarobic plays a much bigger role.

also,the long distance running makes your legs much stronger,which in tradtional muay thai is a must as most of their style is based on their legs(knees,mids)

the sprits,imo, are an excellent add if your training in a big gym with many students and just one trainer,basically, most of the world.

in thailand the gyms are usually smaller and have more than one trainer, which means you get someone to hold pads for you for quite a bit of time, a much better substitue to sprits.

for the original question, now a days my day consists of 6 kilometer run,6 rounds of 4 minutes on the pads,4-5 rounds of 4 minutes of the bag,3 rounds of shadow boxing,20 minutes of clinching and then maybe some sparring and strengthing exrsices.

this routine, give or take more kilimoters or more rounds is pretty much what they do in most thai gyms. at least the 4 that i have been too so far.