What's Your Workout?

500 in 12.5! That's a freaking good clip! Holy Schnikes!

I'm keeping a workout log now for the first time in a while (part of a New Years' resolution -- I've decided that this year I'm losing beaucoup weight). My foundational routine is this:

5:30 a.m. -- Get up (our 10-month-old RumAmuckling guarantees this!)

6:00 -- P.T.: 500 Hindu squats, 100 Hindu pushups (50 X 1, 25 X 2), 100 situps; sometimes I'll include leg lifts, 100 X 1, V-ups, 50 X 1, and lunges, as well as several sets of pushups of various kinds

6:45 -- "Roadwork" -- in this case a light jog, 2-3 miles. I want to increase the distance and mix in shorter runs that incorporate Karl Gotch-style "roadwork" routines -- calisthenics, duck walks, drills, etc.

Upon returning from my run, I'll skip rope, usually in 2 minute rounds, and then sometimes throw my 200-pounder sandbag around.

Last night I did my workout in the evening, and it was an abbreviated one: I did 500 squats just as fast as I could (about 12.5 minutes, I think), and then went on a 1.5-mile run with my four-year-old in tow. I had to jog in place and wait for him several times, and then for the last 1/2 mile I buddy-carried him (in front), which both of us loved.

As there have seem to have been an abundance of threads lately detailing different kinds of workouts (mostly about bbing for some odd reason?), I thought that maybe we could all post our routines so that we could not only draw on examples from each other, but to show the abundance of "newbies" (not meant derrogatorily) to the forum the kind of workouts we really like, perform, and gain from. Tim Morenz did a thread like this some time back, and it was very insightful.

I'll kick things off:

Day 1: A) Clean & Press (one clean & multiple presses) I start of stricly, dropping to sets of 3 until it becomes a push press. Once I do 2-4 sets of pushpress, I drop the weight and do 1-3 sets of solid form presses for 6-8. I rest 2-4 minutes between all sets except for the last strict ones, in which I drop the rest to 45-60 seconds. B) Either pullups or Hammer curls - 2-3 sets

Day 2: The "All Round Workout" from The Bas Rutten MMA Workout series. I have not yet finished an entire 28 minute workout - am trying to progress my way there (should be there w/in a week). It is constant movement - shadow boxing, pushups, sprawls, jumping squats, lunges, mountain climbers, etc. I usually warm up w/2 rounds of shadow boxing.

Day 3: A) Deadlifts or DB Swings. If deads, then I warm up and drop down to sets of 3. After peak set, I drop the weight for 1-2 sets of 8. If I do Swings, I pick a certain DB and do 10x10 w/little rest in between. B) Hammer curls or pullups (whatever I didn't do on Day 1)

Day 4: Repeat Day 2

Day 5: Usually off

Day 6: Repeat Day 2

Day 7: Usually off

Day 8: Start over

I allow myself a lot of flexibility in my routine. If I need a day off, or I can't train, then I just skip a day and try to pick up where I left off. I haven't been doing roadwork as much since it got cold here a few weeks ago. I hope to start that back up (about 2-3 miles combined run/walk per day) shortly.

May sound goofy, but it's working for me. How about the rest of you?

Train hard, rest hard, play hard -


I know this is going to sad compared to everyone else's but here goes:

3 sets of pushups
3 sets of ab crunches

And recently I learned that crunches don't work, so I'm really bummed.

I'll go:

This is an evolution of the routine that I posted last month when my training partner, Jim and I got into a discussion about a cycling approach mixing olympic lifting with bodyweight/scrapper-like/combat conditioning routine. I skill train on sunday and tuesday and do s&c training on M-W-F. Basically, I alternate one day of the o-lifts/med ball/plyos with one day of bodyweight stuff. So one week I do 2 o-lifting sessions and one bodyweight session and the next week vice versa (gawd....that's confusing). I am also experimenting with O-lifting complexes (Ali mentioned this before, Matt Domyancic mentioned Roger Marandino's stuff, I also hear that J.V. Askem has some really good stuff like hang clean/front squat/push press and snatch pull/power snatch/overhead squat....yadayadayada)

Ok, enough BS:

O-lifting day:

Either Power clean (hang position or from floor), Power snatch (hang position or from floor) or and O-lifting complex: 5x5, or 5/4/3/2/1

Push Press (from front or behind neck): same rep scheme as cleans or snatches

Front squats or overhead squats: I am really working my rhythm with these-down slow, explode up!

Then train the gut: leg raises/glute ham/torso twists

Bodyweight day:

Hindu squats: 100 for time

Hindu Push ups: 50 for time

50 more reps of various types of push ups: Legs elevated, between chairs, one hand on med ball, both hands on swiss ball, etc.

100 reps of various stomach exercises: Hanging Leg raises (toes touch the bar), glute ham raise, v-up sit ups, roman chair sit ups etc.

Pull ups: 3x10

I really like these types of threads and encourage everyone to contribute (especially the moderators! Ali, Lee, Scrap, and Bdev when he is around) I really think that we should do this sorta thing 4 - 6 times a year to keep the ideas for training fresh and in the spirit of warrior collaboration (for the sake of the tribe!)

Thanks for getting the ball rolling, Wiggy!


Hey Tim!

How did that "Pavel-style" workout you posted some time back go? It was something along the lines of 1-arm snatch, 5 reps left, 5 reps right until you hit 25 on each side. I think it was 2 exercises on one day and two more on the other . . . I want to say you were on 60 or 65 lb. DBs and were looking to hit 80 pounders. Did you make it? I did a routine like this for about 4-5 weeks before starting what I'm on now and REALLY liked it. Thanks for the heads up!

You mentioned the clean/front squat/press combination - Brooks Kubik has a good routine including it. Here's the URL (look at "Can I Train With Nothing But a Barbell?"):


Also check out this Kubik routine:


I think that you'd like both routines. . .

Train hard, rest hard, play hard -


Way to be.

Well here it goes:

Mon - Fri: Scrapper Routines for breakfast and lunch

Mon/Weds/Fri: Squats, Weighted Pull-Ups/Chin-ups(try to alternate by day), Versa Climber, Overhead Pres and Deads.

I increase the weight by 5lbs on sets 2 & 3 and do 5 sets of 5 on all. On the Versa Climber I do "5" 10 sec balls out bursts with 10 sec rests between.And will increase these by 5 second intervals hopefully one day that machine is a monster.

I am subbing 5 mile runs for Srapper Routines on Tues/Thurs while I get ready for a race.


I got up to 70's in that particular cycle of one arm stuff, I called it my "Russian Commando routine" cause I was doing 1 arm db snatches and cleans for "tempo" as pavel says, 1 leg squats, 1 arm push ups, hanging leg raises, ab wheel, pull ups- all of the stuff propagated by tsatsouline.

I will probably return to that cycle in a couple months, when the weather starts getting warmer and I could do it outside, maybe with some sandbag stuff too.

BTW my heartrate went into the hummingbird range during the 1 arm db stuff.

I will check out those links as well, he has some really good stuff.

Keep this thread going!


1) Supplements-- upon waking, I inject a 50/50 creatine/monkey blood solution with a bicycle pump.

2) Isometric Posing-- This is far superior to all those injury-producing compound weight exercises. On odd-numbered days, I wear either zebra or leopard print bikini-cut posing trunks. On even-numbered days I go with Day-Glo thongs in pink or yellow. Then I slather on the baby oil and go out on my apartment balcony at sunrise (the early-morning shadows highlight the definition in my left intracostals) and do my poses for the morning commuters.

1. Front Lat Spread

2. Back Double Biceps-- I twist to the side so I get that nice, svelte, tapered look.

3. Abdominal Pose With Pelvic Thrust and a Sly Wink

4. The Craw

5. Bent-Over Glute Spread

6. Karate Kid Crane Stance-- in the final posedown, this always knocks 'em dead!

3) SuperDuperSlow Training-- Once a year I buy a one-day membership at the local World Gym. Then I go in and do an overhead reverse squat, one rep, one set. On Monday, I spend eight hours doing the first half of the negative stage. On Tuesday I come back and start at the halfway point and finish the negative. Then I do the first and second halves of the positive stage Wednesday and Thursday. All you guys that do more than this are just overtraining, shame shame shame on you!

4) Grappling-- the most dangerous opponent is one who's strong but untrained, since they haven't developed any habits from hours of repetitive practice. So time to head for the zoo! I warm up with the baboons, then I go and jump in the silverback gorilla habitat. I'm moving my way up in the hierarchy, I just recently became the number 3 adolescent male.

LOL @ moving up the hierarchy!

Could someone please comment on my routine? Is it not enough to even mess with?

I don't really stick to a laid out routine. I basically try to do something everyday and workout whatever isn't sore.

I do cardio every morning(Run with my dog, or stationary bike if I'm feelin lazy), and at night I go to the gym after work and lift weights. I vary my weight training between heavy days and light days.

I've recently started to do interval training some nights to increase my endurance. Oh yeah, I try to roll at least once a week.

The only thing I am religious about is keeping my squat/leg days spaced far enough away from my BJJ days. It seems like it takes me atleast 3 to 4 days for my legs to recuperate.

1 set of each with max weight10-12 rep military press10-12 rep curls10-12 rep bench press12-15 rep bent over rowing20 rep squat15 pull oversthen I can hurt my bag at will...

I train boxing 4 days per week (for about 1.5 hours, that includes about 6 X [3 minute ab workout with medicine ball], for a sum of 18 minutes), and lift when I feel like it, usually 1-2 times per week. I'm certainly no expert on lifting, but here's what I do:I lift whatever exercises I feel like, but almost exclusively compound movements, and in the last couple of weeks I've been experimenting learning Olympic lifts (which I like a lot, I'm going to be phasing them in much more).One sample workout might be (not counting warm-up sets):
4x6 deadlifts
5 sets dips
4x8 standing overhead dumbell press
4x6 palm-in, close-grip lat pull-downsAnother weight workout might be:
4x6 squats
5x5 cable rows
5x6 bench press
3 sets of handstand pushups


Keep 'em coming!!

Train hard, rest hard, play hard -


I am injured right now... :-(

I usually try to do SCRAPPERS no. 1 workout a couple times a week. And then I do Some Weighted Chins and Dips. I often do Partials (ala Power Factor Training) for a cycle here and there. I use Tubing/DB o-lifts/ Medicine balls...I mix it up a lot.

For Heart and lungs I do Intervals mixing up ratios and times. I sometimes run but never for more than 10 minutes at a time.

For now I just walk around feeling frutrated with the healing process.


My weight training is one set to failure.


Press/side laterals

Curl/Tricep rope extension

Deadlift/hyper extensions

Squat/leg extension/leg curl

Calf raise/seated calf raise

crunch/hanging leg lift.

That is Wendsday. Mon and Fri I do a 3X3 sub-failure.
Pushups, crunch, hindu squats. Rest one minute, repeat for three times total. Pushups done super-slow, crunches held for two seconds at the contracted position. Hindu squats done with a pause at the bottom. Adding one rep a week on all exercises.

I usually do 2 warm-up sets and then three sets of 4-6 reps, always adding weight once I can do all three sets for six. I do cardio on my off days with Sunday being a full day of rest.

Mon: squat, standing press, weighted situps
Wed: deadlift, seated DB press or bench press (alternate weekly), side bends
Fri: Using 2.5" DB's: swings, rows, curls

The above are my staples, with Friday being basically a big grip workout. I will also throw in chinups, neck, and other grip exercises at my discretion. I just started this routine and so far I have found my body responds very well to the short training sessions.

Too long to post here; I'm back doing the workout that I posted before (4 different workouts, all structured around a O-lift, a power lift, a couple other lifts and a quick session of intervals for cardio). I couldn't keep this up on holiday as the commercial gym where I was didn't have the facilities.

The only change is that I'm now doing it every other day rather than 4/week. Annoying to have the workout days proceed around the days of the week, but what the hell. Having to work out on consecutive days was worse.

The four O-lift (or related) groups are "clean progression", "snatch progression", "power clean + db clean & press", "power snatch + db snatches". The clean progression and snatch progression are both a series of practice and support lifts as well as the real thing, which I'm too inexperienced yet to really work hard on. When doing the power + db versions, I do a small number of low-rep power cleans or snatches then follow up with the dumbell versions.

The four power lift days are squat, "fast squat" (light weight, low reps, fast), deadlift and bench.

Aside from that, there's the usual suspects: chins, bent rows, dips, overhead presses, etc. There's even a optional spot at the end of the workout for a single "fun lift"; did my first set of bicep curls for about a year the other day...

Abs, grip, neck are thrown in at the end of each workout to varying degrees. Usually I do Tabata intervals on the rower (hey, it's COLD outside) immediately after.

I'd love to add some more hardcore stuff (sandbags, plyometrics, etc.) but the workouts are quite long enough, so new stuff will have to either rotate in or substitute.