Whay happy at Tim losing

This just made the sport you guys love look second rate. I would not be happy about that.

Draven, the thread might be second rate because of a typo but I do not understand MMA fans at all. You hate your own fighters. Specially if they are American. But put a Russian or Brazillian in front of you guys and you are like little school girls looking at the Jonas brothers.

This looks bad for Sylvia more than anything. His dollar value just plummeted.
To the OP, why is it that you post on this forum when you're not even a fan of MMA?

SYlvias mma career is done...well maybe not but he just embarassed himself badly...

If Tim's idea of becoming a boxer is not training and putting on 50 pounds of fat (that's a lot of cheezburgers), then he deserves what he gets. It's not a reflection on MMA any more than Mercer's embarassing losses to Kimbo and Bonjansky were a reflection on boxing.

If Mercer fights in mma then Mercer is a mixed martial artist.

Tim was always second rate

if i'm right and it was after the gan mcgee fight that timmy tested positive that would make him 16-0 pre-suspension and 8-6 post suspension. granted his level of competition was much higher but...