Wheels + Pallet = Ride On Tram Tracks Like A Boss

Well, that's pretty awesome.

YouTube version.

Cool idea.  I spend a lot of time walking tracks.  I think I might try something like this out.


For the longest time I wanted to build one of these but I never got around to it. 



The pallet thing looks way easier.

Bawse. Phone Post 3.0

What about when he goes back home? The uphill had to suck Phone Post 3.0

^ If I were him I'd just carry a screw driver with me and take the wheels off, abandon the pallet, and walk back.  Rinse and repeat the next day.

looks like a lot of fun!

City Hall is going to be pissed off at him for showing what a great place his city is. No mobs of people, trash on the streets or graffiti on the walls. Now everyone will want to move there and "show these Euro Trash how to really live".