When a fighter

Cuts weight do they become smaller height wise?

Yes, Anthony Johnson has said he will shrink down 3-4 inches during a hard cut.

Thiago Alves 2 inches on average

Pretty normal IMHO Phone Post

Only if they cut weight by shaving slices off the bottoms of their feet.
Serioulsy, given how dehydrated some fighters are when they weigh in, they may really lose a tiny ammount of height from having less fluid in the spinal disks, but I would be shocked if it were any more than 1/4 to 1/2 an inch Phone Post

I will have to measure our fighters sometime, I am suprised that some claim their height changes that much. I seems physiologically unlikely that you could loose inches. Has anyone on here ever measured themselves pre and post cut? Phone Post

Carwin cuts from around 6'5" Phone Post

Soon Jones wont be able to cut anymore height and will be forced to move to HW
Young guy's still growin Phone Post

feeling like shit...It's probably their posture at that point.

Yes but they stretch themselves back out before the fight. Phone Post

Thank you for your responses, do you know anybody else that shrinks

Sherk walks around at 5'10. Dude cuts a massive amount of inches Phone Post

Lmao @ Sherk

Wait... Mind blown Phone Post

 shakes head

I didnt even drink tonight